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High School athletes by Mind Map: High School athletes
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High School athletes

connection with athletes


expect attendance at all activities and practices

before school

after school

late nights


school does not get in the way of practice or competition

expect participation in the off season

participation is required to play

participation is suggested but athlete can be demoted if not there

participation is optional

expect athletes are doing their best

setting goals

working to achieve goals

act as a team

expectations for dress

behavior expectations

expect team to be competitive


expect student to be in class

expect students to be alert in class

expect academics come before sports

amount of homework assigned- expectations of work outside of class


family budget for sports



participation fees

balance support for athlete with sibling or family needs

may need high school athlete to be earning some of own money

may need older student around for child care while adult works

expectations from their experiences

lack of experience can lead to lack of understanding of expected commitment

unreasonable expectations for kids

living out experiences through kids

higher or lower expectations/commitment than kids

late night and early morning rides

expectations for academics

need for family time


friends made in athletics

pressure to participate

different expectations of commitment or level of participation

friends outside athletics

friends activities don't mix with rules or expectations of sports

missing out on social activities while participating in sports


reason for competing

in activity for competition or love of the sport., expectations for performance

in activity because parents made them

in activity for the social aspect

in activity to be healthy, stay in shape for other activities, or lose weight

adrenaline/endorphin rush of success

connection with coach(s)

connection with teammates

balancing priorities

High school league

rules about drugs and alcohol

rules about seasons and hands on time with coaches


academic eligibility

cost of althetics

encourages school involvement