Learning technologies: Affective and social issues

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Learning technologies: Affective and social issues by Mind Map: Learning technologies: Affective and social issues

1. Motivation

1.1. What factors help motivate students?

1.1.1. Curiosity

1.1.2. Challenge

1.1.3. Confidence

1.1.4. Control Some knowledge required to take control to make informed choices Often occurs outside of formal education settings Distribution of control important for collaboration - control of learning and control of 'mouse' considered Individuality of mobile devices allows both ownership and control

1.2. ARCS

1.2.1. Attention

2. Play and gaming

2.1. How do we integrate play and gaming into our teaching as a motivating factor?

2.1.1. Simulation can be a simple form of play that wecould integrate without complicated technology - whiloe using existing technology - DORA ROIMATA

3. Collaborative Learning

3.1. How do we as teachers encourage collaboration between ourselves and our students?

3.1.1. Genuine engagement (p.197) seems to be pretty critical. The way the teacher presents the learning activity may be just as important as the technology or activity (p.196). This means for us as teachers we need to be genuine in our teaching, enthusiasm, design of learning activities etc...(Trish) I must tautoko Trishy comment here - Bernie and I attended a post grad seminar at uni yesterday afternoon - one of the comments made there was that learning experience is 90% about the teacher and their engagement style - DORA ROIMATA

4. Mobile teachnologies

4.1. What sort of mobile technologies can we work with and how can these be used in our classrooms for formal and informal learning?

4.1.1. In our classrooms - watching TV1 last night - groups taking video with their phones then returning to class to process their learning - schools dont really need to purchase 1 video camera to be shared if kids have their own video capable cameras BUT...who 'foots the bill'? Will parents get annoyed at huge bills to upload video - etc (Trish) My niece inMelbourne had used up all the family bandwidth in one downlaod - hence I had very restricted access to the internet while IU was away - so it is a very valid question to pose Trish - DORA ROIMATA

4.2. informal learning - this is an advantage of m-learning. The main 2 areas of supporting the use of m-learning is that the ownership and context of use can aid in motivation (p.200) Trish

4.2.1. New node