ideas about my own business

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Ideas by Mind Map: Ideas

1. Unorganized ideas

1.1. Data-driven

1.2. Have a clear focus on the user group

1.3. Have a clear focus on the functionality

1.4. Social

1.5. User customization

1.6. Great API

1.7. Some game elements

1.8. Cross-platform (supports mobile)

1.9. Has connections to major social networks

2. Concepts

2.1. focus on solving problems

2.2. start with good people

2.3. make something customers actually want

2.4. spend as little money as possible

3. Resources

3.1. Startup-related internet resources

3.2. Startup related books

4. What do I like

4.1. Music

4.1.1. Jazz

4.2. Photography

4.2.1. user contributed photos flickr picasa

5. Things I want to do but haven't found the best approach so far