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Prizmshare by Mind Map: Prizmshare

1. Create Image Post With CTA

1.1. Create SEO Optimized Image In Jpeg

1.1.1. Add Call To Action

1.2. Write compelling description with 1 link

1.2.1. Use Max 2 Hashtags

1.3. Write Real bio with link to your blog or Fb etc plus one more link to affiliate offer

2. Make a Video

2.1. Use same image as video thumbnail

2.2. Use demo video

2.3. Create compelling headline i.e not product name review


2.3.2. How To Create Videos Easily Like A Pro In Under 15 Minutes

2.4. Create Google Grouped Keyword Description

3. Simple Backlinks

3.1. Social Bookmarks

3.1.1. Index Links

3.2. Video Syndication

3.3. Search & Click

4. Fiverr