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Social Research and Development Networking Site by Mind Map: Social Research and Development Networking Site

1. Overall goal to Connect people and to see how they connect to create greater social and economic flow in a sustainable way

2. Make everyone able to ask social/Geopolitical tools and get meaningful answerrs that they can put up on blog and contribute to overall understranding

3. Knowledge Warehousing features.

4. All information completely free after 6 months. Some proprietary "Fresh hot content on Social Trends" before then.

5. Track who starts/partipates/votes/is interested and helps grow emerging ideas/movements

5.1. Have Social Currency that can be traded in for things

5.2. More "Social Cred" gives you access to newer hotter knowledge. Get Social Cred by doing one of these actions:

5.2.1. Participation by either voting or originating ideas or discussion (Karma like in Slash Dot

5.2.2. Connect new Resources to the systems that help it grow)

5.2.3. Subscription modelwhere money or social currency helps Movement move forward.

5.3. Have diffeent levels of access based on participation

5.3.1. Interested Party

5.3.2. Participant

5.3.3. Coordinator may moderate

5.3.4. And more. Once people have been an active partipating memeber for 6 months they may become part of other parts of the movement Street team/Connection Coordinator Consulting Agency Intern/Connection Coordinator Subtle Theorist Sub Executive Council Outreach Officer

6. Software is Open Source with the proviso that there is some interest in contributing feedback to the movement (either in information or very, very expensive if you want to create a proprietary/closed system with it

7. Newest Content or formulations are available at different levels of interest. All avialble publicall after 6 months.