Amazon Rainforest

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Amazon Rainforest by Mind Map: Amazon Rainforest

1. Cause of Change

1.1. Our Amazon changed because of the people who destroy it. They cut trees to earn money, clear lands to live on, and want as much money as they can get. 1- Loggers: Cut trees to earn money. 2- Rubber Tappers: Make money and nick trees for their sap to make rubber. 3- Settlers: A place to live and they cut trees and build their houses from them. 4- Cattle Ranchers: More land for their cows. Cows need a lot of land so the ranchers cut a larger and larger area for them.

2. Possible Solutions

2.1. A solution to the damage we have done to our Amazon Rainforest can only be fixed by the entire world. The Environmentalist have to work hard to save our flora and fauna. We as people have to think about what we do to our world and fix out problems, littering, pollution etc… Ways to Solve 1- Start campaigns against the Amazon Deforestation. 2- Stop littering. 3- Help our animals that have lost their home. 4- Try to not purchase products that come from or hurt our Amazon Rainforest.

3. Before

3.1. Before, the Amazon Rainforest was a lush, green place with millions of plants, animals and insects. Before the 1500s the Amazon was home to Indigenous Amazonians, or the Amazons original people. This people have lived in the Amazon for 12,000 years, longer that any other people in the Amazon. Most importantly, these original amazonians have the least amount of rights, although they have lived their the longest.

4. Effects on People

4.1. The people of the Amazon have been effected a lot. --> Native people: After living in the Amazon for 12,000 years changed from the coming of new people. They got killed or got sick from other diseases the they got from foreign people. Today their original 10,000,000 people are not alive -->The other people coming to the amazon have changed, getting richer or using the environment to do so. --> People can get, and build a stronger economy. --> We can explore and study new life (flora, fauna) in the Amazon Rainforest

5. Effects on Environment

5.1. The Environment is affected because the habitats of various animals. Fauna, trees, and plant is also being reduced. The rivers can become very dirty, killing ton of fish. Any thing that harms the rainforest harms everything that is in it. Most of all tons of species are going endangered or extinct. If there are more unknown species, lets not waste our time trying to hurt their habitat but in a way to help and discover them.