02: Introduction

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02: Introduction by Mind Map: 02: Introduction

1. Who - Steven Macklen

1.1. 1193 N. Lake Drive

1.2. Lexington SC 29072

1.3. 803-951-2090

1.4. www.palmettoathleticcenter.com

1.5. www.smacklen.com

2. What

2.1. "Evolution of PAC"

2.2. Mjet Filterable Outline

2.2.1. Inspiration

2.2.2. Informational

2.2.3. Resume

2.2.4. Testimonial

3. When - Time Line

3.1. 1967 - Born in Sumter SC

3.2. 1983-85 - Westside H.S. Augusta GA

3.2.1. Stage Band Lead Vocalist

3.2.2. Member of "Outrageous Trio" Breakdancers

3.2.3. Scholarship Student at Augusta Civic Ballet

3.3. 1988 - Coach YMCA, Augusta GA

3.4. 1986-89 - Augusta University, GA

3.5. 1989-91 - Coach/Manager: Augusta Gymnastics Training Center

3.6. 1991-1992 - Limited Partner: The Gym Nest Inc. - Macon GA

3.7. 1993 - Coach - High Flight Gymnastics Inc.

3.8. 1993 - Owner - Acro-Tots Mobile Gymnastics

3.9. 1994 - Owner - Columbia Gymnastics - Irmo, SC

3.10. 1999 - Owner - Columbia Gymnastics of Lexington, SC

3.11. 2006 - Owner - Palmetto Athletic Center, Inc.

4. Why

4.1. Informational

4.1.1. To present to the public a resume so that they might trust PAC to provide its mission

4.1.2. To offer a spiritual testimony in a way that is available but not required.

4.1.3. To inform the public who the Owners of Palmetto Athletic Center are

4.1.4. To Encourage and Inspire

4.1.5. To present a spiritual connection between the mission and history of PAC and the hope of a loving and just God that cares about the details of it.

4.2. Spiritual Themes

4.2.1. Humility Breeds Upward Mobility Humble Yourself Before the Lord and He Will Lift You Up rock illustration

4.2.2. Greater power enabling me to think outside of the box (finding niches) and confidence to deny self

4.2.3. Jabez Prayer

4.2.4. The Dream Giver

4.2.5. Key Scripture

4.2.6. Preface Every time I sit down and think about my life, I get excited about the great things that have happened. There have been many struggles, but overall I have had a wonderful life so far. I have grown more and more to trust that there is a higher power that is loving and just and cares about everything. I did not come to this conclusion because of any one thing that happened to me. It happened with time and experience. And it happened very slowly. My faith has increased because of what I have perceived as God working in my life.  I have never seen anyone prove or disprove God; rather, my faith has come from the conditioning of experiences. Documenting the events has been crucial to discovering a pattern.  As a result I have something here to offer others who may want to hear and see the pattern The pattern points toward a loving, just, and relational God.  This testimony shows how logical it is for me to believe in a unseen God who offers hope for an abundant life and perspective. My father was in the Air Force, so we traveled a lot. He was brought up listening and hearing the word of God. Though he is not particularly religious, he was always sure to make sure that I went to Sunday school so that I would be exposed to Christianity. When he retired in Augusta Georgia, I was 16 years old. Being new to the area, I did not have many friends. So when I was asked by a total stranger to go to a "Prayer Breakfast" I accepted. I felt that this would be an opportunity to meet some new people. The people I met were very strong Christians. They also happened to be loving, kind, and considerate. I continued "hanging out" with this crowd throughout High School. Their friendship led to other influential Christian activities such as Young Life (a ministry for kids), Church, and Bible Study. It was easy for me to be attracted to the teachings of Christ, because Jesus is a perfect model for that which is loving and just. I realized at this point that I had no reason to refuse the invitation to experiment with the idea of having faith. I began by praying often that He would prove Himself to me. I continued participating in activities that would lead me closer to Him. I feel that God responded to my initial efforts by developing talents in me that would have a resounding impact on my life.

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