Tee Giveaway Strategy

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Tee Giveaway Strategy by Mind Map: Tee Giveaway Strategy

1. Preparation

1.1. Branding / Presentation

1.1.1. Basic A relevant brand name that's not taken or trademarked. Logo maker or Canva Used for FB / Twitter Profile images / anywhere you need an image to represent your brand (such as in emails) Free email provider email - e.g. [email protected]

1.1.2. Advanced Brand name + registered domain Domain based email account - e.g. [email protected] Custom logo design Used for FB / Twitter Profile images / anywhere you need an image to represent your brand (such as in emails) Support Desk

1.2. Tracking / Redirect Link Tool

1.2.1. Basic Free service such as a bit.ly account Pretty Link Wordpress plugin

1.2.2. Advanced Improvely with Google Analytics UTM integration Add tracking code to Upviral landing pages Add conversion code to Upviral thank you pages Click Meter

1.3. Tee Campaign

1.3.1. Basic Offer basic unisex tee at low price - $14.95 recommended. Offer alternative women's and hoodie products at high price $29.95 - $44.95 Offer a $5 discount as an upsell product (Viral Style only) Facebook conversion pixel code

1.3.2. Advanced Secondary tracking service visitor and conversion pixels

1.4. Facebook Page

1.4.1. Basic Add Profile & Cover Picture

1.4.2. Advanced Add 5-10 pieces of content to the page using the Facebook posting "backdating" option.

1.5. Twitter Account

1.5.1. Basic Update Twitter profile image with something found online

1.5.2. Advanced Update profile image with custom designed brand logo

1.6. Email Account

1.6.1. Basic Free Email Provider

1.6.2. Advanced Website host email, e.g. [email protected]

1.7. Legal Pages

1.7.1. Basic Pages Needed Privacy Policy Page Host Link to a Google document Free website builder / provider

1.7.2. Advanced Pages Needed Privacy Policy Official Rules of Contest Terms of Use / Service Page Host Niche website w/ Wordpress Click Funnels page

1.8. Upviral Campaign

1.8.1. Basic Single Optin Page Single Thank You Page System Emails After registration email asking them to share the campaign with social buttons inserted User referral notification email to encourage the person to keep sharing, with social buttons embedded in email Points required for freebie achieved email telling them got enough points for the free tee and to fill out a Google form to claim their tee Autoresponder service integration Web form HTML API Sharing / Points / Rewards Points Awarding - 3 easy points Social Buttons Free Tee Requirement Tracking Scripts Lead / Optin Page Thank You Page

1.8.2. Advanced Custom Add-ons Use our extra fraud and abuse detection pixel to stop would-be cheaters dead cold. Tracking Scripts Secondary visitor / conversion tracking service, such as Improvely or Click Meter Split test up to 3 optin and thank you pages Split test the after registration email

1.9. Facebook

1.9.1. Facebook Ads Basic Design Advanced Design

1.9.2. Tracking Pixels Basic Custom audience pixel Lead conversion pixel Checkout conversion pixel

1.9.3. Targeting Basic Use the Facebook Insights tool to locate potential audiences and interests. Single interest targeting by picking an interest with a larger audience (1M - 2M) people that is highly targeted to your niche. Test ONE interest (audience) at a time. Advanced Use our Insight Hero tool to explore all possible targeting opportunities

1.9.4. Campaign Types Basic Use page post engagement ad type Advanced Use PPE to start your campaign from scratch Use click to website ads to run campaigns for look-a-like and retargeting audiences once initial data / traffic has been established Use conversion ads for everything once you get more than 100 conversions for leads or 50 conversions for sales

1.10. Autoresponder Campaign

1.10.1. Basic 1 follow up email with the sole purpose of getting them to the tee sales page with a 50% discount offering (already supplied by setting your pricing low for the basic unisex tee)

1.10.2. Advanced 5-7 email follow up sequence with at least 4 different offerings (links) that will make you money.

1.11. Winners delivery

1.11.1. Basic In the "points achieved" email from Upviral, when they get enough points for a free tee, have them email you their details (name, email, address, size, color). Order winner tees from your tee campaign that should be currently running.

1.11.2. Advanced Create a Google spreadsheet and attach a form to it. In the "points achieved" email from Upviral, when they get enough points for a free tee, link them to the form which will ask them for their details (name, email, address, size, color) and then automatically insert their response into a spreadsheet.

2. Execution

3. Target Metrics

3.1. Cost per click

3.1.1. 40 cents or less

3.2. Cost per Lead

3.2.1. 30 cents or less

3.3. Cost per Engagement

3.3.1. 15 cents or less

3.4. Optin Rate

3.4.1. 25% or better

3.5. Share Rate (thank you page)

3.5.1. 50% or better

4. Research

4.1. Find a Niche

4.1.1. Basic Pick a niche using our Niche Power list

4.1.2. Advanced Reverse engineer existing niche funnels using our Niche Funnel Hacks tool Find niches from high-selling t-shirts in Tee Accelerator

4.2. Verify Niche

4.2.1. Basic Use our Niche Profit Checklist tool to verify the niche potential.

4.2.2. Advanced Analyze Amazon or other sources of products that would be sold in the niche Use Insight Hero to quickly find and verify Facebook targeting & audience opportunities. View BuySKU and Alibaba to see if there are products available to source for your niche

4.3. Find a Proven Tee Design

4.3.1. Basic Existing t-shirt websites Pinterest Tee View

4.3.2. Advanced Use Tee Accelerator

4.4. Identify 5 other products to promote to your list in a followup sequence

4.4.1. Basic Additional Tee Designs Affiliate products

4.4.2. Advanced Source products directly from China for large profit margins Examine any Amazon arbitrage opportunities

5. Overview

5.1. Basic Level

5.1.1. Pick a niche that is very social - large concentration of people who like the same thing (such as sports teams)

5.1.2. Create a t-shirt based on a design that is already proven to work and sell in that niche.

5.1.3. Create an Upviral referral content / giveaway campaign giving the shirt away to the first X people to get X points (referrals) Set the number of t-shirts and the number needed for earning it to something you're comfortable with. You can always adjust later based on numbers. Add the shirt to the thank you page and in emails for sale with a 50% limited discount. If they don't want to wait, they buy it directly. This covers the cost of ads and any t-shirts won. Create a followup campaign with additional tees, Amazon products, digital products if any (recurring especially)

5.2. Advanced Level

5.2.1. Create a Shopify store and start sourcing niche-related products from China

5.2.2. Create a t-shirt storefront on a tee platform

5.2.3. Retarget your visitors back to your various different niche-related offers

5.2.4. Create look-a-likes audiences from different sources of traffic and conversions and launch the same campaign to look-a-likes First X people to click through your ad to your landing page (clickers) The people who have converted to subscribers by opting in (leads) The people who purchased the shirt outright (buyers)

5.3. Evergreen Actions

5.3.1. Keep running the campaign to existing audiences until it stops performing.

5.3.2. Keep testing different audiences / targeting to put into the top of the funnel. If it works run it, if it doesn't, kill it.

5.3.3. Cycle as many front-end giveaway tees as possible to keep the system evergreen. When one starts to underperform, rotate in the next.