Copy of SMPTE Current Architecture with classifications

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Copy of SMPTE Current Architecture with classifications by Mind Map: Copy of SMPTE Current Architecture with classifications


1.1. Ads

1.1.1. Banner

1.1.2. Margin

1.1.3. Footer

1.2. Logo


1.4. My Account

1.5. Connect

1.5.1. Facebook

1.5.2. Twiiter

1.5.3. Instagram

1.5.4. Flikr

1.5.5. LinkedIn

1.5.6. YouTube

1.5.7. Amazon

1.6. Join

1.7. Donate

1.7.1. form

1.8. Copyright

1.9. Privacy Policy

1.10. Contact Link (Footer)

2. News and Events

2.1. Calendar

2.1.1. events displayed on a calendar; need more details about events

2.2. News Releases

2.2.1. List of recent releases, most recent first: Title and Teaser Sentence

2.3. In the News

2.3.1. list of lisnks to offsite stories about SMPTE

2.4. Blog

2.4.1. Blog Roll, most recent first (blog appears to be posted in its entirety?) Title Author Date and Time posted Blog Copy

2.4.2. List of Blog Contributers

2.4.3. Chronological list of blog posts

2.5. Entertainment Technology in the Internet Age

2.5.1. Program

2.5.2. Speakers

2.5.3. Register

2.5.4. Program Committees

2.5.5. Sponsorships

2.5.6. Conference fees

2.5.7. Keynote

2.5.8. Look Who's Coming

2.5.9. Evening Event

2.5.10. Travel and Lodging

2.6. SMPTE Technical Conference and Exhibition

2.6.1. Student Film Festival Submissions Official Rules Resources Jurors

2.7. SMPTE Forum 2015

2.7.1. Program

2.7.2. Program Committee name, bio, headshot

2.7.3. Sponsorship Opportunities

2.7.4. Evening Event

2.7.5. Register

2.7.6. Media Announcement

2.7.7. Hotel Information

2.8. SMPTE 15 Australia

2.9. Past Events

2.9.1. List of Past Events logo, title, year, date, description

2.10. NAB Show's Technology Summit on Cinema

2.10.1. is a past event, with a full write up?

2.11. List of Recent News Releases

3. Standards

3.1. Find a Standard in the Digital Library (

3.2. Recently Published Standards

3.3. Standards Index (pdf download)

3.4. Technology Committee Reports

3.4.1. List of Reports to Download title, intro, summary

3.5. Technology Committee Meeting Outcome Reports

3.5.1. Description

3.5.2. Quarterly Reports summarizing the most recent block meetings

3.6. Subscribe

3.7. Document Numbering

3.7.1. New Numbering Style for SMPTE Standards (what happened to the "M")

3.8. Learn About Standards Committees

3.8.1. Who Creates SMPTE Standards?

3.8.2. How do I participate in SMPTE Standards Committees? join instructions or upgrade instructions or invitation to contact if you'd like to join a committee without joining SMPTE

3.8.3. The SMPTE Standards in the Workplace SMPTE Standards Workspace Standards Community Technology Committees

3.8.4. Participation Agreement "by submitting this application I understand..."

3.8.5. Participation Fees and Exemptions The need for more Revenue The Standards Supplement Exemptions

3.8.6. Host a Technology Committee Meeting information for meeting hosts General facilities Catering

3.8.7. Technology Committee Meets at Altera Corp in San Jose download standards quarterly report

3.8.8. SMPTE Technology Committees Content Creation Committees: Essence 10E Applications Committees Film 20F DCinema 21DC Television and Broadband Media Cinema Sound Systems Infrastructure and Media Management Committees Metadata / Registries File Formats and Systems Network Facilities Infrastructure Media Systems, Control and Services Media Packaging and Interchange

3.9. Login to the Standards Community

3.10. Advisory Notes

3.10.1. Newsletter subscription

3.10.2. Current Advisory notes

3.10.3. Inactive Advisory Notes (retained for information only)

3.11. Standards Action Newsletter

3.11.1. links to Civi form

3.12. Test Materials


3.12.2. Digital Leader and DPROVE

3.12.3. Digital Leader Demonstration Video

3.12.4. License Agreements files to download

3.13. Registration Authority (

3.14. Standards Facilitate Interoperability

3.15. Standards News

3.15.1. links to various articles

4. Our Centennial

4.1. Learn More about and Support the Centennial: The Next Century Fund

4.2. Moving Images Documentary

4.2.1. Where We Are

4.2.2. interview footage

4.2.3. Moving Images donation form

4.2.4. List of Supporters

5. Sections

5.1. Section Leadership

5.1.1. Section Area

5.1.2. Chair

5.1.3. Secretary/Treasurer

5.1.4. Managers list by term expiration

5.1.5. All names link to CONTACT A SMPTE MEMBER form

5.2. Section Resources

5.2.1. Section Administrative Toolkit Section Calendar yearly schedule for each Section Section Elections SMPTE Section Nominating Committee Formation of Section Nomination Committee Nomination of Candidates for Section Officer and Manager Section Election Schedule Regional Governor Nominations SMPTE Section Nominating Committee Formation fo Section Nominating Committee selection of Regional Governor Candidates Supporting Documents and Forms Section Budgets Section Budget Guidelines The New Section Budget Form Instructions for Completing the Section Budget form FAQs and Tips on the Section Budgets Payment of Speakers' Expenses Section Financial Reporting download form Quarterly Reporting Schedule Guidelines for Quarterly Financial Reporting Meeting Guidelines Checklist for the SMPTE Section Meeting Pre-Meeting List Social Gathering - the networking part of the meeting Typical Program Flow Meeting follow up

5.2.2. Membership Tools Membership tools for sections, including marketing guidelines list of helpful documents Member updates SMPTE Monthly (link broken) Section Leaders Webinars and Presentations links to Section Leadership webcasts Logos and Promotional Materials Ideas for Section Activities

5.3. 2015 Section Elections

5.3.1. seems to repeat the section leadership section, since elections are over

5.4. Special Section Events

5.4.1. list of past regional events

5.5. List of Sections

6. Publications

6.1. Subscribe to the Digital Library

6.1.1. email to subscribe

6.2. Motion Imaging Journal

6.2.1. Archive of Past Issues

6.2.2. 2015 Editorial Calendar Table: Date, Theme/Topic, Content Due, ad insert order, ad material, to print, mailing

6.2.3. Board of Editors List of Editors View Editorial Calendar

6.2.4. Subscribe, Rights and Permissions Subscribe Rights and Permissions (instructions for Copywright Clearance Center)

6.2.5. Submit a Manuscript Author Guideline for Submitting a Manuscript Download the SMPTE Journal Template Download the Copyright Agreement Submit

6.2.6. Table of Contents for most recent issue (Titles and Authors)

6.3. Newsletters and Opinions

6.3.1. Industry Perspectives and Opinions Title, Author, Original Presentation location, and HPA Logo, teaser text, Read More link Industry Perspectives Survey -

6.3.2. Monthly e-Newsletter Reposting full newsletter

6.3.3. Newswatch e-Newsletter Reposting Full Newsletter Past issues Title, Date, First paragraph. Most recent issue first.

6.4. 3D Cinema and Television Techonology: the first 100 years

6.4.1. book

6.4.2. SMPTE shop:

6.5. Wallcharts

6.5.1. downloadable wallcharts with standards

6.6. Student Paper Submissions

6.6.1. Submit

6.6.2. Award

6.7. Advertise with Us

6.7.1. Promotional Opportunities

6.7.2. 2015 media kit

6.7.3. Detailed information about Sponsorship Opps for Upcoming Conferences links to conferences

6.7.4. Other Promotional Opportunities embedded rate sheet

7. Education

7.1. Courses: Professional Development Academy

7.1.1. CCNA Course Registration List of individual Courses Duration Registration : Prerecquisites, Costs for Members and Nonmembers Class Size Limit Description Dates SIGN UP HERE to receive updates on courses

7.1.2. CCNA Routing and Switching Overview Course Structure and Sequences Related Course Goals and Objectives CCNA Routing and Switching Certification information (cisco)

7.1.3. CCNA Secruity Overview Upcoming Course Dates - Register Now (doesn't link to anything...) Course Structure Course Outline Course Goals Cisco Certification

7.1.4. CCNA Course FAQ

7.1.5. Navigating the UHD Ecosystem Course Dates & Register Now button CVENT form Course Description Course Audience Course Summary Learning Objectives Calendar

7.1.6. Essentials of IP Media Transport for Broadcasters Course Dates / Register CVENT Course Description Course Summary Learning Objectives

7.1.7. Virtual Classroom (For Registered Students Only)

7.2. Student Paper Award

7.2.1. Student Paper Award Winners

7.3. Scholarships

7.3.1. Goals and Objectives

7.3.2. Eligibility

7.3.3. Amount

7.3.4. Application Requirements

7.3.5. Application Procedure

7.3.6. Application Deadline

7.3.7. Questions

7.3.8. Previous Recipients

7.4. Webcasts

7.4.1. Educational Webcasts

7.4.2. Standards Updates Webcasts

7.4.3. Executive Strategy Briefing Webcasts (invite-only)

7.4.4. Emerging Technology Webcasts

7.4.5. Meslado/Mesclado Webcasts

7.4.6. Upcoming Webcast Schedule Series Date Title Individual Webcast instructor name

7.4.7. List of Educational Webcast Sponsors

7.5. Webcasts on Demand

7.5.1. List of Webcasts through 2012 Title MEMBERS ONLY Speaker Original Airdate Related Resources in Library Description

7.6. Standards Webcasts on-Demand

7.6.1. List of Webcasts through 2012 Title Speaker Original Airdate Webcast Series (tagged Standards) Description Link to PDF of the presentation YouTube embed of Presentation

7.7. Executive Webcasts on Demand

7.7.1. Title MEMBERS ONLY

7.7.2. Original Airdate

7.7.3. List of Panelists

7.7.4. Description

7.8. Section Seminars

7.8.1. Individual Seminar Title Event Type Event Date Event URL eventbrite Location Event Details/ Register Button eventbrite The Regional Seminar in More Detail Tab - Repeats

8. Membership

8.1. Individual

8.1.1. Student Membership Challenge video of Dr Corey Carbonara "pay it forward" links to Indiegogo project Join Donate Now

8.1.2. Professional JOIN button links to form only accessible to logged in users

8.1.3. Executive

8.1.4. Associate

8.1.5. Student

8.2. Sustaining Institutional

8.2.1. Diamond

8.2.2. Platinum

8.2.3. Gold

8.2.4. Silver

8.2.5. Bronze

8.2.6. Small Business / Nonprofit

8.3. Special Membership Grades

8.3.1. Fellow nomination form - Word Doc SMPTE Fellows

8.3.2. Life Fellows SMPTE Life Fellows

8.3.3. Honorary Members and Honor Roll 2014 Honor Roll and Honorary Member inductees; Honor roll List

8.4. Member Referral Program

8.4.1. Share, Connect, Participate, Grow

8.5. Student Events

8.5.1. Student Film Festival

8.5.2. Student Membership Challenge

8.5.3. Attend the SMPTE 2015 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition

8.5.4. Student Chapters

8.5.5. Student Paper Award

8.5.6. Louis Wolf Jr Memorial Scholarship

8.6. Student Chapters

8.6.1. list of universities, some with contact information for their chapter leader / staff member

8.7. Members Only

8.7.1. My Account Log In

8.7.2. Member Directory

8.7.3. Sustaining Member Directory

8.7.4. Archived Educational Webinars on Demand

8.7.5. SMPTE Expert Speakers Bureau SMPTE Expert Speakers Bureau

8.7.6. Join Today

8.8. Join

8.8.1. Join as an individual Learn More Join Today

8.8.2. Join as a Sustaining Institution Learn More Join Today

8.8.3. Join a Standards Committee Log In or email [email protected]

8.9. Members Engage to create a vital society of technologits

8.10. link to IndieGogo Campaign


9. Careers (

10. Store (

11. Digital Library (

12. About SMPTE

12.1. Board of Governors

12.1.1. Presidents (list of names and tenure)

12.1.2. Press releases

12.1.3. 2015 Board Officers Contact A SMPTE Member (directs to their email address)

12.1.4. 2015 Board Governors

12.1.5. 2015 Directors

12.2. Bylaws, Policies and Governance

12.2.1. Privacy Policy Policy Statement Emails Credit Card Transactions Use of "Cookies" Links to Third Parties Legal Requests

12.2.2. Files relating to Governance


12.3.1. two youtube videos, one is news story, one is commercial

12.3.2. Timecode offsite articles about timecode

12.3.3. ColorBars

12.3.4. SMPTE Cinema Standards Cinema Sound Systems Technology Committee Digital Picture Exchange Digital Cinema Packaging

12.3.5. SMPTE Video Related Standards Timed Text Electro-Optical Transfer Function (EOTF) and High Dynamic range SDI and HD-SDI Interoperable Master Format MXF Transport of High Bit Rate Media Signals over IP Networks compression Systems Coding of tactile Essence

12.3.6. SMPTE Cross Industry Standards Archive Exchange Formatting (AXF) Media Device Control over IP

12.4. Awards Programs

12.4.1. Flickr Streams (awards ceremony; fellows luncheon)

12.4.2. Membership Honors Honorary Members and Honor roll Fellow Membership

12.4.3. Medal Awards SMPTE Progress Medal Award List of Award Winners David Saranoff Medal Award Kodak Educational Award Samuel L. Warner Award Technicolor Award Workflow Systems Award Camera Origination and Imaging Award Archival Tech Award

12.4.4. SMPTE Awards Journal Award and Cert of Merit List of Award Winners The Presidential Proclamation List of Award Winners The Citation of Outstanding Service to the Society Excellence in Standards Student Paper Award Wolf Memorial Scholarship

12.4.5. Discontinued Awards Eastman Kodak List of Winners Fuji Gold Grierson Int'l Leitch Gold The Society Citation

12.5. Logo

12.5.1. Download Visual Identity Style Guide

12.5.2. Logos

12.6. Industry Links

12.6.1. Associations

12.6.2. Government

12.6.3. Other

12.7. Support Request

12.8. Top Standards

12.8.1. When you See High Quality Motion Imaging Content You See SMPTE

12.8.2. Cinema Standards Cinema Sound Systems Digital Picture Exchange

12.8.3. Video Related Standards EOTF and HDR Time Code MXF Color Bars Compression Systems Coding of Tactile Essence IMF

12.8.4. Cross Industry Standards Archive Exchange Format Media Device Control over IP SMPTE Standards Liaisons

12.9. Mobile App


12.10. Contact Us

12.10.1. Board of Governers

12.10.2. Section Leadership

12.10.3. Staff SMPTE Headquarters (Staff Listing)

12.11. About SMPTE

12.11.1. Membership

12.11.2. Standards

12.11.3. Education

12.12. When you see High Quality Motion Imaging Content, you See SMPTE

12.13. 800 Standards, 64 Countries, 6k members strong

12.14. Enabling the IP Based Content Revolution

12.15. SMPTE Innovation

12.16. Cinema Standards

12.17. Video Related Standards

12.17.1. list of specific standards

12.18. Cross-Industry Standards

12.19. Participating in the SMPTE Standards Process

12.20. Industry Awards

12.21. Digital Cinema Test Materials


12.21.2. Standardized Evalution Material (StEM) STORE

12.21.3. SMPTE Digital Leader STORE

12.21.4. SMPTE Registration Authority LLC (SMPTE-RA) STORE

12.22. SMPTE Leadership: A who's who of hte media, entertainment and IT industries

12.23. SMPTE History