CLIL: Content and Language Integrated Learning

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CLIL: Content and Language Integrated Learning by Mind Map: CLIL: Content and Language Integrated Learning

1. Main characteristics

1.1. dual-focused approach

1.1.1. foreign language (through content)

1.1.2. content (through language)

1.2. develop a positive attitude towards students themselves

1.3. is an 'umbrella term'

1.3.1. includes all types of CLIL

1.4. its essence is in integration

1.4.1. content what? thematic cross-curricular focused on citizenship

1.4.2. language

1.4.3. learning skills how? Banking model Student-centered

1.5. Core features

1.5.1. Multiple focus

1.5.2. Safe and enriching learning environment

1.5.3. Authenticity

1.5.4. Active learning

1.5.5. Scaffolding

1.5.6. Co-operation

2. differs from:

2.1. FLT: Foreign Language Teaching

2.1.1. work on: language through language

2.1.2. taught by: language teachers

2.2. CBLT: Content-based Language Teaching

2.2.1. work on language through content

2.2.2. taught by: language teachers

2.3. Immersion

2.3.1. work on content (little or no attention to language)

2.3.2. taught by: inmersion subject teacher