OPEN Guide to Social Finance

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OPEN Guide to Social Finance by Mind Map: OPEN Guide to Social Finance

1. Introductions

1.1. Who is the Guide intended for?

1.2. How to use this Guide?

2. The vision for the future: social finance and its place in Canada : Topics

2.1. The growing market opportunities

2.2. What is the role of citizens to help government play a role to build an enabling envirionment.

2.3. The role of institutional investors

2.4. The role of foundations

2.5. The role of private equity investors

2.6. MaRS Global Leadership: Anthony Bugg LLevine

2.7. MaRS Global Leadership, Lived it Lecture: Janice Stein in conversation with Jed Emerson

3. How to obtain Social Financing: Where to go?

3.1. Canadian examples: Foundations, Credit Unions, Loan Funds, Banks, Government Progarms: Community Futures, Private Equity Funds.

3.2. ON story: Alterna Community Micro-Loan Program

3.3. ON story: Aboriginal Capital Programs

3.4. ON Story: Community Power Fund

3.5. illustrate a grid of what is and what is not avialable. The TRUTH of early stage investor period. Grants to Equity.

3.6. International examples: Non-Profit Finance Fund

3.7. Have a form that people can fill in to populate their own areas

3.8. Message from Tim

4. Considerations for starting a Social Venture

4.1. MaRS Social Enterprise Tool Kit

4.2. Enterprising Nonprofits SE toolkit

4.3. Entrepreneurship 101 MaRS Lived It Lectures: Bill Young

5. Other Cool Stuff

5.1. Cool tools: Calculator that shows impact.

5.2. Top Ten Lists: books, blogs, RSS feeds, etc...

5.3. Cartoons: Calvin&Hobbs, "Market Based Solutions" -- Check out YouTube

5.4. Glossary

5.5. Bibliography

6. New node

7. Understanding Social Finance.

7.1. Why is SF a useful innovation and what purpose does it serve?

7.1.1. to Non-Profit Organizations to Social Purpose Business

7.2. Video Clip

7.2.1. Video Clip Video Clip Video Clip

7.3. Re-imagining money

8. Social Finance at Work

8.1. International

8.1.1. Canada Ontario digital story Community Power Fund: MaRS Link

9. Who is best suited for Social Finance?

9.1. Show how non-profits have used social finance.

9.1.1. Ontario digital stories

9.2. What options exist for ENP in Ontario

9.3. Show how Social Purpose Business use SF.

9.4. How can an organization move from grants to loan/equity?

9.5. RT. Honorable Paul Martin. MaRS

10. Social Finance is not.

10.1. Does SF compete with grant $

10.1.1. Is it mission drift for np Is is a way out of public funded services?

10.2. The difference between SRI and SF

11. Types of Finance

11.1. how demand and supply work together.

11.2. Showcase the spectrum from Grants to Equity

12. Public Policy

12.1. Social Finance Task Force

12.2. Role of Public Policy for an enabling environment. i) Legal Frameworks ii) CRA Guidelines

12.3. Al Etmanski on the RDSP

13. Messages

13.1. Key Message

13.2. Key Message

13.3. Message from YSEC