A project on Apple pencil

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A project on Apple pencil by Mind Map: A project on Apple pencil

1. background

1.1. function

1.1.1. how does it work?

1.2. basic information

2. objective

2.1. introduce the apple pencil

2.2. to find out how they understand or interested in the apple pencil

2.2.1. on its function compare with others

2.2.2. what they designed for compare with others

2.2.3. whether they want to have it

3. usage

3.1. digital products

3.1.1. iPad pro

4. comparison with similar products

4.1. samsung s pen

4.1.1. functions

4.1.2. technology

4.1.3. can use for what type of product(s)

5. description

6. review

6.1. official

6.2. users

7. project format

7.1. online survey

7.1.1. questionnaires by google form

7.2. presented by powerpoint

7.2.1. using excel to make graph and analyze data