Beware of hailing America’s decline

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Beware of hailing America’s decline by Mind Map: Beware of hailing America’s decline

1. New node

2. US as a the world's de facto government ??

2.1. Invasion of Iraq in 2003 = Wrong dicision

3. National economic shortage

3.1. Massive trade deficit

3.2. Cutting defence and diplomatic budgets

3.2.1. Baby boomer's retiring

3.3. An aftermath of financial crisis

4. Impractical Mr Mandelbaum's resolution

4.1. Petrol tax law

4.1.1. For Environmental reason

4.1.2. For Fiscal reason

4.1.3. For Foreign-policy To have Controlling power to Russia and Iran Economy

5. Buy Russia and Iran into US system = Still mission impossible

5.1. Worst-conceived US policy nations

5.2. Set on thwarting US interest