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Convention by Mind Map: Convention
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Wizards / Venue


Aesthetic elements


Artistic engagement

Co-vision technology

Places for Story

Must be able to see MY story in the person on stage.

Conversations with Leadership

Opportunity for access to decision makers. Possibilities for moving forward. Safe space. Capture ALL the stories. Ref: Smithsonian exhibit on story

Building Community


Things I'm caring for. Visual representations of the WHOLE story. Make it visible.

National Council

Business Items


Leadership Institute

Inner Leadership for Adults

Scheduled Meetings


Strategy Cafes

Seated at small tables; Discuss a question with a few people, then rotate to a different table to discuss the same or a different question with new people. At the end, harvest what's been learned. It's fast, easy to learn, and has lots of cross-pollinating. People can easily opt in or out.

Open Spaces

Could use OS for big topics, e.g. What is Inner Leadership?

GS StoryCorps


Things on wall?

How do we keep it uplifting?

Acknowledge the struggle as part of the story. Bring out the struggle in the stories.

Which elements can we integrate into Convention and which in larger initiative?

What do we do in case of tied down chairs?


Proposal Discussions

Weave story of our history

Setup: It's part of our history to use story and work collaboratively.


Share Story

Engage Girls

Conversations that Matter

Self-organized Action

Shared Movement

Intentionally shift the culture through ownership and dialogue