How do Video Games positively effect people and promote communication?

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How do Video Games positively effect people and promote communication? by Mind Map: How do Video Games positively effect people and promote communication?

1. Ryan, R., Rigby, C., & Przybylski, A. (2006, November 29). The Motivational Pull of Video Games: A Self-Determination Theory Approach. Retrieved October 13, 2015.

1.1. This article supports the idea that Video Games encourage the completion of tasks and people who play video games often come up with the most innovative ways to complete the tasks at hand.

2. Oswald, T. (2010, February 21). Effects of prosocial video games on prosocial behavior. Retrieved October 12, 2015.

2.1. This article is a summary of many studies proving that video games and aggressive behavior are not directly linked. It then gives summaries of articles proving that video games increase helping behavior and create a more prosocial thoughts within the gamer.

3. Peña, J., & Hancock, J. (2006, February 16). An analysis of socioemotional and task communication in online multiplayer video games. Retrieved October 12, 2015.

3.1. The main focus of this article is that online multiplayer encourages collaboration between players and makes the players communicate with each other to achieve a common goal.

4. Neiburger, E., & Gullet, M. (2007, December 10). Out of the Basement: The Social Side of Gaming. Retrieved October 12, 2015.

4.1. This article provides an in depth look at how gaming is not just local but also very social, as it provides many insights to the multiplayer experience and how it brings people from all over the world to communicate and interact with eachother.

5. Isaacson, W. (2014, October 7). The Birth Of Pong. Retrieved October 12, 2015.

5.1. This article gives a brief history on the multiplayer of gaming and allows for an inside look of the social aspects of early gaming. The article states that Pong (the first video game to leave the arcade and come into houses) created a whole new arcade atmosphere that could be emulated at home to be enjoyed with friends.

6. Rich, M. (2008, October 6). Using Video Games as Bait to Hook Readers. Retrieved October 12, 2015.

6.1. This article summarizes a study done in which a video game tournament was held at a library. And when competitors where not playing directly in the tournament, instead of watching the tournament they would do homework or even grab a book off a shelf and read.

7. Gee, J. (2003, October 1). What video games have to teach us about learning and literacy. Retrieved October 12, 2015.

7.1. This article provides many studies in which two groups where used; gamers and non gamers. In every study the Gaming group was able to read better, had improved eyesight and better hand-eye coordination.

8. Life Management

8.1. Task Completion

8.1.1. Most gamers know that while video games are fun, they cannot control your life, so most gamers see video games as a reward once a task is finished; the gamer is then more avid to complete the task at hand.

8.2. Task Recognition

8.2.1. Gamers will often think about video games,but also think about all the things they need to do. This dual thought process makes the gamer more involved with the task at hand and allows for a more creative application to completing the task at hand.

8.3. Balance of life

8.3.1. Nearly everyone who plays video games has other responsibilities. video games promote a balance between school, work, a social life and video games; making sure the individual has a healthy balance of within all aspects in his/her life.

9. Benefits

9.1. Improved eyesight

9.1.1. Playing the shoot-'em-up genre of video game boosts "contrast sensitivity function," or the ability to discern subtle changes in the brightness of an image or. One of first of the visual aptitudes that diminish over time, the ability to notice bright patches is key to tasks like driving at night.

9.2. Multitasking

9.2.1. People who play video games are able to multitask easier than people who don't and can balance doing more than one task at a time easier.

9.3. Gray matter

9.3.1. Video Games cause a rise in gray matter in the right hippocampus; the right prefrontal cortex and the cerebellum areas of the brain that are responsible for spatial navigation, memory formation, strategic planning and fine motor skills in the hands.

10. Behavior

10.1. Positivity

10.1.1. When gamers do not have a great day or are just feeling down in general, they often use video games as a way to escape their real life that they do not have many positive feelings for.

10.2. Calming properties

10.2.1. Video games are a very effective way for people to escape from reality and promote a zen like mindset for the player.

10.3. Happiness

10.3.1. People who enjoy playing video games often exhibit tendencies to be happier, healthier and possess a clearer state of mind than people who don't play video games.

11. Education

11.1. Visual

11.1.1. Video games enhance ones ability to learn visually and relate specific objects and images to what the player is studying.

11.2. Memory Retention

11.2.1. Video game players often remember more and can retain what they only got a quick glance at, this is seen as the effect of both puzzle games and fast paced games, as both challenge the player to do similar tasks.

11.3. Reading ablility

11.3.1. Playing fast paced action games allows reading faster and more accurately, as they increase attention spans, a skill crucial to reading.

12. Multiplayer

12.1. Lobbies

12.1.1. Lobbies give all players in the game a chance to talk to each other in some way, no matter what the style of game.

12.2. Games

12.2.1. In game communication is usually less direct but also more satirical, as instead of using language or text to communicate, the game will allow the player to input a set of pre-made gestures or phrases for a character to say.

12.3. Parties and friend lists

12.3.1. Once players have met other like minded players, they have the choice to add them as a friend and continue to play with them in games.