Shinese Anderson Planning For Learning

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Shinese Anderson Planning For Learning by Mind Map: Shinese Anderson     Planning For Learning

1. Standard for This Unit

1.1. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.SL.K.2 Confirm understanding of a text read aloud or information presented orally or through other media by asking and answering questions about key details and requesting clarification if something is not understood.

2. Subject and Grade Level Teaching

2.1. Kindergarten General Education

3. Big ideas that students should know to meet the standard

3.1. Students should be able to ask questions, to their peers, about the shared story to help their understanding of the story.

3.2. Students will be able to form a correct question that addresses what they need to understand about the story.

3.3. Writing and vocabulary skills will be enhanced through the writing ans speaking of their questions asked.

3.4. Relationship with their peers will be established through asking and answering questions to their peers.

4. Related objectives

4.1. Ask questions about information presented either through read aloud, orally or media, to both teachers and peers, to help strengthen understanding of information received.

4.2. Point out key details of shared information, such as the significance, what it means and the main idea.

5. Key factors about your students

5.1. I will assume that my students do not know how to write a question.

5.2. They don’t know their peers so this will be a chance to help get to know them.

5.3. They have heard the story being read and are able to form a question from that story.

6. Scaffolding strategies

6.1. Show students how to write a question, what is the correct punctuation. Form their question to answer what they do not know. Write a question I have for the book that I wanted to know and then have students try to answer the question, this gives a little more clarity on what they need to do.

6.2. Re read the book spark more questions and giving students deeper insight into the story which might spark deeper questions

6.3. Use the speed question game to give each student a chance to ask questions and answer them. In this game students will strengthen more than one skill, they will be more inclined to participate, so they will be eager to write out their questions to be asked and encouraged to seriously answer their peers questions. This will also establish positive relationships with the students and strengthen their social skills.

6.4. Allow students to have a chance to share their questions with the class.

6.5. Allow students to write their questions on a piece of paper and address their questions with the class anonymously if they are shy to ask in front of the class.

6.6. Students write questions for their peers in a test form then they will exchange with someone and answer their questions.