Dark Age

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Dark Age by Mind Map: Dark Age

1. Black Figure Art

1.1. A form of vase making in greek art

1.1.1. Vase makers would take material to cut out images such as Greek Gods and Warriors This was a newer form of art which was contemporary for that time Soon after Black Figure Art, there was a new way to create art which was called Red Figure Art

2. Characteristics from Greek Paintings

2.1. Horror Vacui- The needs to fill every little space with some sort of dectoration

2.1.1. Rigid Division of Vace Vases used Geometric Spaces Three Horizontal lines separate each change of direction

3. Red Figure Art

3.1. Red Figure Art was a form of art that was the same as Black Figure Art in some ways

3.1.1. Red Figure art was a lot easier to make because of the fact that you could paint on the vase instead of carving into it Paintings remained as beautiful as Black, but it was easier to create which changed the Greek Art Age

4. Vase Names

4.1. There were specific names and functions for Vases

4.1.1. Hydria-Used to poor water and other liquids Lekythos- Used to pour Oil Krater-Used to mix water and wine