Dark Ages & Archaic Age Art

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Dark Ages & Archaic Age Art by Mind Map: Dark Ages & Archaic Age Art

1. Types of Vases

1.1. Hydria

1.1.1. Used to pour water or other liquids

1.2. Lekythos

1.2.1. Used to pour oil

1.3. Krater

1.3.1. Used to mix water and wine

1.4. Amphora

1.4.1. Used to store both liquids and dried goods

1.5. Kylix

1.5.1. Used as a drinking cup

1.6. Oenochoe

1.6.1. Used as a pouring jug; especially ofr taking mixed water and wine from Krater and pouring it into a kylix

2. Six Major Themes of Dark ages Pottery

2.1. Horror Vacui: the need to fill every little space with some sort of decoration

2.2. Rigid division of vase into a rational and balanced order.

2.3. The use of geometric shapes: traingles, greek meander, diamonds.

2.4. The horizontal lines separate each change of decoration

2.5. The most important scene is placed between the handles where the vase is swelled out.

2.6. People and animals on the vases are constructed out of crude geomtric parts. This is a reflection of lack of skill; though still very attractive.

3. Andokides vs. Exekias

3.1. Andokides' vase is bilingual, whereas Exekias' vase is black figure.

3.2. Andokides equalizes Ajax and Achilles; Achilles is not bigger than Ajax anymore; he is wearing the same attire as Ajax.

3.3. Andokides is able to put more details because one side of his vase is red figure. Exekias' vase being a black figure, has limited amount of details.

4. Types of Figures

4.1. Red Figure

4.2. Black Figure

5. Red Figure vs. Black Figure

5.1. Red figure can have as much deatil as the artist wants but Black figure can only have limited amount of detail because black figure vases were prone to cracking

5.2. Red Figure paintings can have overlapping lines, whereas Black figure paintings couldnt.