Dark & Archaic Age Pottery

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Dark & Archaic Age Pottery by Mind Map: Dark & Archaic Age Pottery

1. Archaic Age

1.1. Exekias Black figure Amphora

1.1.1. weapons at the ready, achillies wears a helmet showing he is superior

1.1.2. the shields and helmet make it asymetrical

1.1.3. beards show sign of wisdom

1.1.4. picture draws you to the dice game

1.2. Black Figure Pottery (600 BCE)

1.2.1. Details scratched in New node

1.2.2. Straight lines only, curved are difficult to create

1.2.3. Difficult to show emotions

1.2.4. Arcaic smile

1.2.5. eyes drawn to center of vase

1.3. Red Figure Pottery (500 BCE)

1.3.1. Details painted in

1.3.2. Lines are able to overlap

1.3.3. easy to paint expressions

1.3.4. more natural look

1.3.5. Artist can control texture by controlling thickness of the line

1.4. Andokides Bilingual Amphora

1.4.1. Bilingual-one side is red figure, the other is black

1.4.2. Red Figure Side: Ajax & Achillies are level with eachother They both wear helmets showing that they are equals Attention still drawn to dice game Ajax & Achillies look more natural and realistic

2. Dark Age

2.1. Types of Ceramics

2.1.1. Hydrid

2.1.2. Lekythos

2.1.3. Krater

2.1.4. Amphora

2.1.5. Kylix

2.1.6. Oenochoe

2.2. Characteristics Of Greek Vase Painting

2.2.1. Horror Vacui: the need to fill every space so that demonds can't enter

2.2.2. Circles, diamonds, and triangles aren't used

2.2.3. Three horizontal lines seperate each change of decoration

2.2.4. the most important scene is placed between handles

2.2.5. rigid division of vase into a rational and balanced order

2.2.6. people & animals are constructed of geometric parts