Dark Archaic Age Pottery

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Dark Archaic Age Pottery by Mind Map: Dark Archaic Age Pottery

1. Advantages of Red Figure Vases

1.1. easier to paint on.

1.2. lines can overlap each other without having to worry about chipping/breaking the pot.

1.3. able to control texture and the thickning of a line.

1.4. had a more naturalistic look and feel to it.

1.5. emotions were able to be drawn including other details.

2. Red Figure vs. Black Figure Vases

2.1. the major difference is the way that the two vases are made

2.1.1. the red figure is made then same way as the black figure but only that the engobe used to paint is painted around the actaul picture causing the actaul picture to turn red when hired in a kiln. the black figure is made so that the actaul painted picture is the engobe, that hardens and turns black leaving a ref background.

3. Different Style of Vases with their Function

3.1. Hydria

3.1.1. used for water and other liquids

3.2. lekythos

3.2.1. used to pour oil and water

3.3. krater

3.3.1. used to mix water and wine

3.4. amphora

3.4.1. used for storing of dry goods and water

3.5. kylix

3.5.1. the drinking cup

3.6. oenochoe

3.6.1. pouring jub thats used to mix water/oil into other cups like the kylix

4. Themes of Vases

4.1. 1. the need to fill in every empty space with a pattern of some sort.

4.2. 2. rigid and division of vase into a rational a balanced order.

4.3. 3. the use of geometric shapes.

4.4. 4. three horizontal lines seperating each change of decoration.

4.5. 5. most important scenes in the middle of the handels.

4.6. people and animals are constructed of crude geometric shapes.