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Archaic and Dark Ages by Mind Map: Archaic and Dark Ages
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Archaic and Dark Ages

The Greeks came from groups of nomadic people.

The first Greeks to arrive were probably the Aeolians, they were very peaceful and settled in northern Greece.

The second wave of Greeks were the Ionians, the first philosophers came from the Ionians and were very intelligent, wealthy, and had better art.

The third wave of Greeks were the Dorians which arrived around 1200 B.C.E. and were the most warlike of all the Greeks.

The Dark Ages 1200-800 B.C.E.

The Dark Ages occured because the Dorians had no time to focus on art because they were to busy fighting.

The Art of the Dark Ages

The three arts the Dorians had were architecture, frescoes, ceramics and sculptures.

Geometric Pottery

Early Geometric vases had many shapes to fill the vase and this shows that the Greeks had little idea of how else to fill the vases.

The characteristics of Greek vase painting.

Horror vacui: The needs to full every little space with some sort of decoration.

Rigid division of vase into a rational and balanced order.

The use of geometric shapes

Three horizontal lines seperate each change of decoration.

The most important scene is placed between the handles where the vase swells out.

New node

How the representation of the Human body on these vases match the Greek idea of humans.

The human division into geometry reflects the fact that during te Dark Ages, the Greeks had no sense of humans as a whole, as a willing creature.


The Greeks settled down and their society became stable. Architecture and much more of art resumed.

The Pheonicions were the ones who started the activity.

The development of the Greek alphabet.

Archaic Age 400-476 B.C.E.

The Greeks produced large amounts of ceramics during the Archaic Age.

The Greeks produced large amounts of ceramics to trade and carry.

The city that dominated the production of ceramics was Cornith.

Black-Figure Vases

It was used to tell stories on vases.

The figures were carved in instead of being painted on.

Exekias' Amphoras

Major drawbacks

Red-Figure Vases

The red figure technique is similar to the black figure only that the red figures are painted on.

Advantages of Red figure: Easier to paint very fine detail, Lines can overlap, Easy to paint in expression, and Artist can control texture by controlling the line.

Andokides Bilingual Amphora

A vase with a black and red figure.

Achilles and Ajax are playing a game of dice with their armor.