How Frogs Grow

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How Frogs Grow by Mind Map: How Frogs Grow

1. 2) The eggs will grow into tadpoles.

2. 1) Frogs start off as eggs.

3. 3) The tadpoles will next grow tales and legs.

4. 4)When the frog gets a little more developed, it will start to take the shape of an adult frog with the tail in tact.

5. This is the young adult stage.

6. Fun Fact: Tadpoles swim like fish, even though they will eventually grow legs. Also, tadpoles have gills and can breathe underwater!

7. These are what frog eggs look like!

8. Frog eggs are very small and slimy

9. Tadpoles Video

10. Fun Fact: Tadpoles use gills to breathe! They also will swim like a fish does.

11. Tadpoles are small, and feed off bacteria around the eggs from which they are hatched.

12. Another Picture of a tadpole

13. There are approximentaly 4,740 species of frogs! In the United States alone has over 90!

14. What is an Amphibian?

15. Other speices that go through metamorphosis are salamandors and toads!

16. Since frogs are cold blooded, the outside temperatures determine their body heat.

17. Enjoy this Froggy Song!

18. frog stuff

19. Complete Life Cycle of a Frog in a clip.

20. The last stage of the frog cycle is the full grown frog.

21. Metamorphosis occurs to change the form of the original birth form. Most animals that are cold blooded, undergo this process.

22. Frog growth chart