Conventions of R'n'B

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Conventions of R'n'B by Mind Map: Conventions of R'n'B

1. Camera

1.1. Low Angle/Close up shots - to show the power over the audience

1.2. There will be shots with woman so the male appears desirable this helps artist as a brand

1.3. Dependant of the tempo and vibe , if it is a slow song we see don't see many shots . However if it fast we may see shots of some sort of party to match the vibe and tempo of the song .

1.4. Close Ups are common which allows us to establish the artist and related to the Star Image theory

1.5. There is the main shot of the Artist which is usually in mid shot which establishes the artist and the narrative which is related back to a lot especially during the chorus of the song

1.6. We may see cut aways to attractive members of the other gender , this links to the fact they are viewed as desirable and makes people view the video and links to the male/female gaze

1.7. Cut aways maybe used to establish the narrative for instance a ring to imply the person was married

1.8. angels were from above to make the singers look dominative compared to the location which is quite big.

2. Mise En Scene

2.1. The artist will appear attractive members of the other sense so they appear .

2.2. The Slow based R'N'B Songs , are usually based on negative emotions , so there is usually a use a dark clothing and lighting which links to the dark vibes of the song .

2.3. The Slow Songs usually have a narrative , this means there is usually a love interest who is involved

2.4. There is usually a limited number of locations , the main one usually being based around a house

2.5. The Costumes relate the vibe of the song, however males in R'n'B songs are usually dressed in jeans , topless with subtle jewelry this gives them a casual yet attractive look to female viewers

2.6. Women are viewed a desirable by men and females who want to look alike. This why they have minimal clothing and the Hair / Make Up is done very well this makes them more admirable and establishes them as a brand

2.7. A lot of natural lighting is used to give of the sense of realism

2.8. A technique which is used through out the whole video is miming.this is used effective as this makes you feel like the artist is singing to the audience.

2.9. The artist are usually Black , there are not many expectations .

3. Editing

3.1. The editing speed will be depandant on the tempo if this is a slow song the editing will be slow based and the opposite if it is fast based

3.2. If the tempo is slow there is not much variety of edits and is usually seen seamless clear transitions and edits

3.3. The fast paced R'n'B songs contain multiple shots usually jump cuts this relates to the beat of the song and the happy nature of the song

3.4. A grey scale or sepia tone maybe added , this is due to the fact the soft/dark colours evoke emotions this links to the overall meaning of the song

3.5. A lot of focus is put on the main character this may blur the background

3.6. The editing is very basic to create a sense of realism as people are meant to relate to these emotions

3.7. Slow Motion is used to add emotion and convey the fact the video is moving slowly and also helps match the tempo of music