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Web 2.0 Expo - SEO / SMO Workshop 22/04/2008 by Mind Map: Web 2.0 Expo -
SEO / SMO Workshop
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Web 2.0 Expo - SEO / SMO Workshop 22/04/2008



Google Adwords

Overture Keyword Selector


don't pay any attention...


Webmaster Central

rel=nofollow, e.g. dont pass PageRank onto Terms & Conditions page

Google Blogs, Matt Cutts, other Googlers

Yahoo Site Explorer

SEO 7 Steps

Get your site fully indexed

don't use sitemaps as crutch for your results

the higher your PageRank the more often you get spidered

find pages that havent been spidered or where language hasnt been recognized, set Google to english only, search for ""

avoid duplicate content

set a robots.txt, feed the file to Google Webmaster Central robots.txt verifier

HTTP Codes, 301: passes PageRank, 302: DOESN'T pass PageRank

Get your pages visible

100+ signals that influence ranking

Title tag is most important

META tags dont help

Build Links and PageRank

"Link popularity" affects search engine rankings

PageRank™ - Links from “important” sites have more impact on your Google rankings (weighted link popularity)

Scores range from 0-10 on a logarithmic scale, so 7 is MUCH better than 6!

Leverage your PageRank

Keep important subpages few clicks from the homepage

Pay attention to text within link tags, avoid "Learn more" or "click here"

Canonicalization ( vs.

Encourage Clickthrough

Zipf's Law, being no 1 is much more important than being no 2, which is much more important than being no 3

Snippet gets built automatically, but you CAN influence what’s displayed here

Track the Right Metrics


Link popularity


Keyword popularity


Avoid Worst Practices

all kinds of spamming


80% of Internet user sessions begin at the search engines

Search engines

Google: 60%

Yahoo: 22%

LiveSearch: 11%

got in a bit late so the first 10 mins are missing...