Progressive Era

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Progressive Era by Mind Map: Progressive Era

1. women in the workforce

1.1. farm women

1.1.1. women had to maintain the farms

1.2. women in industry

1.2.1. women high school graduates outnumbered men

1.3. domestic workers

1.3.1. some women work only in homes.

2. women lead reform

2.1. women in higher education

2.1.1. could only be teachers and nurses

2.2. women and reform

2.2.1. eduacated women strengthened existing reform groups

2.3. a three-part strategy for suffrage

2.3.1. 1.women tried to convince state legislatures to grant women right to vote

2.3.2. 2.women pursued court cases to test the 14th amendment

2.3.3. 3.women pushed for a national constitutional amendment to grant women the vote