Women in Public Life

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Women in Public Life by Mind Map: Women in Public Life

1. The participation of educatedwomen often stranghtened existing reform groups and provided leadership for new ones.

2. Women Lead Reform

2.1. women in higher education

2.1.1. Women were still expected to fulfill traditional domestic roles and were granted an higher education.

2.2. women and reform

3. African-American women

3.1. In 1896, a colored women founded the NACW(National Association of COlored Women)

4. women in the workforce

4.1. farm women

4.2. women in industry

4.3. domestic workers

5. Women and Reform

5.1. Women who applied their skill to needed social reforms.

5.2. Susan B. Anthony is a leading proponent of suffrage and womens rights

6. A three part strategy for suffrage

6.1. Convince state legislatures to grant women the right to vote

6.2. Women took the ammendments issues to court

6.3. Women pushed for a national constitutional ammenmendment to grant women to vote