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1. The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps also known as ANZACs’ became a legend.

2. Soldiers are human as well; our characteristics and theirs are all the same. Events like landing at Anzac cove and the battle at the Nek is places where they show a good clear image of their characteristics, a word for this was created just for it and was known as ‘digger’.

3. There were five particularly 'digger-like' qualities which emerged from the ANZACs when faced with hardship during the Gallipoli Campaign. They are:

3.1. The ability to remain cheerful with a good sense of humour, even in the most difficult of times

3.2. The ability to be resourceful when they had no supplies, for example by making hand grenades from empty tin cans

3.3. The spirit of mateship in which a soldier would risk his own life for his mate's

3.4. Australian courage, which was shown on the very first landing at Anzac Cove where the soldiers continued to charge up on to the beach straight into the line of Turkish fire

3.5. The notion that people all deserve the same amount of respect, no matter what their background is.

4. The Gallipoli Campaign was a particularly significant event in history because it happened when Australia had only just become a federal commonwealth, and Australia was trying to fit in with the other nations which had a lot of history compared to Australia.

5. All Australia was seeking for was to earn the respect and recognition from the other nations and to show everyone how strong she was, Gallipoli was the first opportunity and she didn’t want to miss it.

6. The Anzac legend is very important because it helps our fellow Australians to remember the soldiers that died and gave their lives just to put Australia in a level where every nation could see her, and so we continue to commemorate the landing of the soldiers on the shores of Gallipoli on 25th April each year.

7. The reason why Australia and New Zealand went to war for Britain is because they felt alone plus they wanted to be recognised.

8. The Anzacs fought with great courage and bravery plus a lot of sacrifices and fought along Britain because they wanted to show their loyalty to them.

9. The characteristics of a soldier is not all about killing and fighting, sure you heard about a soldier like that but a true soldiers are still people like us that just wants peace even though we need to go through violence.

10. Digger has said to be a stereotype of an Australian family man that has temporarily become a soldier and has spent his civilian life in a rural area. But mostly it suggests that a soldier with specific moral qualities, like a good sense of humour a belief in mateship and equality.