Newspaper Advert: Treatment

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Newspaper Advert: Treatment by Mind Map: Newspaper Advert: Treatment

1. Purpose

1.1. To attract audiences towards my documentary via visual stimulation

1.2. To raise awareness of the documentary to audiences other than just the target audiences (e.g. Newspaper readers).

1.3. To establish the themes and iconography present in the documentary before broadcast, giving the audiences expectations and arousing their interest.

2. Audience

2.1. The audience for the advert will be the general public, both male and female, probably between the ages of 17-65, as these are the people who are most likely to read the newspaper.

2.2. The advert would likely be placed in a newspaper such as The Guardian or the Daily Telegraph, as these are informative newspapers that promote topical issues in society, unlike tabloid papers such as The Sun.

3. Logistics

3.1. I have a number of locations from which I can consider shooting material/images for my advert; this includes having direct access to sporting facilities (e.g. football stadiums, beach volleyball courts, gym) as well as access to athletes and coaches to conduct photo shoots.

3.2. I have roughly a time scale of 6-10 weeks to construct my advertwhich I think will be more than sufficent.

3.3. Contingency plan: If i find that it is not possible to take the necessary photos for the advert, I will look at constructing a digital image/edit in order to advertise my piece, such as using various typography.

4. Key Points

4.1. Must emphasise the focal issue which is the effect of sport in society

4.2. Must be visually appealing and stimulating in order to be memorable

4.3. Must communicate Date, Time and Channel of Broadcast

4.4. Should convey the mode of documentary

4.5. Should spark the audience's interest to the extent where they are motivated to watch the documentary

5. Assets

5.1. Images

5.1.1. Athlete portraits

5.1.2. Athletes/Coaches competing

5.1.3. Sporting equipment (balls, racket, uniform)

5.1.4. Sports stadiums

5.1.5. Societal features (citities, buildings, people)

5.1.6. Must find ways of superimposing/combining society and sport

5.2. Typography

5.2.1. Bold and Striking

5.2.2. Must stand out

5.2.3. Modern and uniform (exemplifying sport)

5.2.4. Less fancy, more distinguishable

5.3. Semiotics/Iconography

5.3.1. Sport (athletes, equipment, venues)

5.3.2. Society (money, people, cities)

5.3.3. Must create lasting impression that continues into the documentary

5.3.4. Colour scheme (GB Flag, England flag etc.)

6. I have two ideas for my Newspaper Advert that involve different styles. After conducting audience research, I will decide on which idea I will pursue:

7. Idea 1: My first idea is to use a simple, powerful image that promotes the idea of sport, combined with informative text about the documentary.

7.1. Focal image of an athlete/venue imposed with some element of society, like a city or a crowd of people)

7.2. Bold, simple typogrhapy that is clear and memorable

7.3. Muted, modern colour scheme that is not overwhelming but still eye-catching

7.4. Iconic symbols of sport (e.g. football striking pose)

8. Idea 2: My second idea is to use an image/a combination of images to construct text via effective use of typography.

8.1. Extrvagant typography that is memorable and eye cathching

8.2. Various images that exemplify/symbolise sport and society.

8.3. Text constructed from sporting images in order to build up information

8.4. Brighter, more extravagant array of colours due to multitude of images.

9. Ideas