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Energy by Mind Map: Energy

1. Thermal energy

1.1. energy forms heat

1.2. hot energy forms heat

1.3. a fire or a heater

2. Chemical energy

2.1. energy stored in the chemical bonds

2.2. hot small amount of energy stored in the chemical bonds

2.3. a fire

3. Electrical energy

3.1. electrisity forms an enectric charge

3.2. stored electrisity from an electric charge

3.3. lightning

4. Nuclear energy

4.1. the energy stored in the nuclei of am atom

4.2. the electrisity stored in atomic atoms

4.3. a nucler power plant

5. Kinetic energy

5.1. energy in motion

5.2. the energy of an objuct from its motinon

5.3. A car moving down a hill

6. Potential energy

6.1. stored energyin motion

6.2. energy that is being stored

6.3. A car that is at the top of a ramp.

7. Mechanical energy

7.1. energy that has to do with motion

7.2. energy that has alot to do with motion

7.3. a werch

8. electromagnetic energy

8.1. energy found in the electric feileds

8.2. energy that the magnetic fealids charge in

8.3. A light bulb