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Energy by Mind Map: Energy

1. Electrical Energy

1.1. Energy associated with electric charges

1.2. electric circiuts hold electrical energy

1.3. Examples: Flashlights, Calulators

2. Nuclear energy

2.1. Energy stored in atomic nuclei

2.2. Like the sun giving us energy

2.3. Examples: heat and light

3. Electromagnetic Energy

3.1. A form of energy that travels through space in a form of waves.

3.1.1. Electricity that is like lightening.

3.2. Electricity that is like lightning.

3.3. satillites

4. Kinetic energy

4.1. Energy of motion

4.2. Kinetic itself means moving therefore, its energy that moves.

4.3. Running, and hiking.

5. Potential Energy

5.1. Energy that is stored as a result of position or shape. Remains in motion.

5.2. Energy that is already in a form or a shape

5.3. A musician playing the cello or one playing guitar

6. Chemical Energy

6.1. The energy stored in chemical bonds

6.2. The energy in which could light up fire, fuels.

6.3. Fuels, gasoline, coal

7. Mechanical Energy

7.1. Energy associated with motion and position of everyday objects

7.2. The sum of an objects potential energy and kinetic energy.

7.3. Speeding trains and bouncing balls.

8. Thermal Energy

8.1. Microscopic partials make up its thermal energy

8.2. The object becomes warmer

8.3. Molten lava, and a heater