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Energy by Mind Map: Energy

1. Kinetic Energy

1.1. Formula:1/2 mv2

1.2. The energy of any moving object that depends on its mass and speed

1.3. The kinetic energy of any moving object depends upon its mass and speed

1.4. The kinetic energy of any moving object depends on the mass and speed

1.5. Anything in motion has a kintetic energy

2. Mechanical Energy

2.1. The energy associated with the motion and position of everyday objects

2.2. Energy that is connected to the motion & position of objects

2.3. Moving trains have mechanical energy

2.4. Not limited to machines

3. Electrical Energy

3.1. The energy associated with eletric charges

3.2. Energy that has to do with electric chargers

3.3. Lightning, radios, calculator and flashlight are examples

4. Thermal Energy

4.1. The total potential and kinetic energy related to the motion of all microscopic particals in an object

4.2. Motion of all micrscopic particals in an object

4.3. Atoms move fast; thermal enegry goes up

5. Chemical Energy

5.1. The energy stored in chemical bonds

5.2. The chemical bonds that have energy stored in them

5.3. Fire is an example

6. Potential Energy

6.1. Energy that is stored as a result of position or shape

6.2. Stored energy, that can be converted into kinetic energy

6.3. When a string is pulled to the side, potential energy is gained

7. Nuclear Energy

7.1. Energy stored in atomic nuclei

7.2. Atomic nuclei that has energy stored inside

7.3. Heat and light of the sun is an example

8. Electromagnetic Energy

8.1. Form of energy that travels through space in the form of waves

8.2. Waves of energy that ravels through space

8.3. The galaxy emits electromagnetic energy that is used for communication