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The Anzac Legend by Mind Map: The Anzac Legend

1. Why is it important?

1.1. It came at a time when Australia had just become a Federal Commonwealth.

1.2. Encourages Australians to remember the soldiers that sacrificed their lives for the war.

1.3. Australia was trying to join some Nations in history.

2. What is the Anzac Legend?

2.1. Anzacs helped established their countries reputation in war.

2.2. Anazacs were brave and endured the war to make their nation, Australia, proud.

2.3. Convinces other nations that Australia is more than a nation that descended from convicts.

3. How was it created?

3.1. Australians wanted to prove themselves on an International front.

3.2. Their strong qualities including, bravery and courage stood out in the war.

3.3. After the Battle at the Nek they acquire the name of the 'digger'.

3.3.1. Digger Qualities Remains cheerful in the worst of times. Resourceful, making use of everyday items. Spirit of Mateship, risking their own lives for a mate. Australian Courage, facing danger of fear without showing pain. Respects everyone equality, no matter what their race or religion.