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Energy by Mind Map: Energy

1. Kinetic Energy

1.1. The energy of motion is called Kinetic energy

1.2. kinetic energy is motion energy

1.3. kinetic energy depends on any moving object opon its own speed

2. mechanical energy

2.1. The energy associated with the motion and position of averyday objects

2.2. a lever has mechanical energy

2.3. energy associated with motion

3. Thermal energy

3.1. The total potential and kinetic energy related to the motion of all the microscopic particles in an object

3.2. molten metal contains thermal energy

3.3. kinetic energy is related to potential

4. chemical energy

4.1. the energy stored in chemical bonds

4.2. wood has chemical energy

4.3. bonds with chemical energy

5. electrical energy

5.1. is the energy associated with electrical charge

5.2. energy associaed with electric charges

5.3. devices we use to day have electrical energy

6. electromagnetic energy

6.1. is a form of energy that travels through space in the form of a wave

6.2. energy that travlels in a wave

6.3. the sun generates electromagnetic energy

6.4. visible lights and xrays

7. nuclear energy

7.1. the energy stored in atomic nuclei is known as nuclear energy

7.2. you get nuclear energy from power plants

7.3. generates electricity