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1. Soldiers

1.1. The soldiers had the ability to remain cheerful through the most difficult

1.2. The soldiers were resourceful, for example if they had no grenades left they could make it from empty tin cans.

1.3. The soldiers had the spirit of mateship in which they would risk their own life to save another's.

1.4. The soldiers had the courage to keep fighting even when the turn was against them.

1.5. The soldiers had respect for each other regardless of their background.

2. Legend

2.1. The legend is that the ANZACs helped establish their countries' reputation in the eyes of the world through qualities of strength and bravery when faced with difficulty.

2.2. The legend of the ANZACs who endured so much through the war have given something which Australians can be proud of.

2.3. This marked Australia in the world as a country of fine men, rather than a nation that descended from convicts.

3. Gallipoli Campaign

3.1. The Gallipoli campaign was an effort to take down the Turkish army so that they could weaken the German allies.

3.2. A lot of lives were lost during the campaign

3.3. This was a fail as the ANZACs did not achieve what they wanted.

3.4. This was an important event in history as Australia recently federated and this was their chance to show their strength as a nation.


4.1. ANZAC is an acronym for Australian & New Zealand Army Corporations

4.2. During WW1 the ANZACs did not have much military experience.

4.3. There are ceremonies held for the ANZACs and their efforts during the wars.

4.4. A public holiday is rested for the ANZACs, it is known as ANZAC day.

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