The Anzac Legend

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The Anzac Legend by Mind Map: The Anzac Legend

1. What is the legend

1.1. Improved Australia's Reputation

1.1.1. Qualities of strength and bravery

1.1.2. Created a sense of Nationalism

1.1.3. We weren't just a nation descended from convicts

2. Importance

2.1. Australia's Identity

2.1.1. Australia had no cultural characteristics as a nation

2.1.2. Just became a federal commonwealth before war

2.1.3. Wanted to earn the respect of other nations

2.2. Military Might

2.2.1. No military history

2.2.2. War would improve Australia's army, making them look strong

2.3. Society

2.3.1. Encrourages Australia to remember the soldiers

2.3.2. We commemorate them every 25th of April

3. Creation

3.1. Soldiers

3.1.1. Set them apart from soldiers of other nations

3.1.2. There characteristics shined in the most challenging times

3.1.3. Australia Soldiers were known as the 'diggers'

3.2. Changes

3.2.1. Stereotyped Australian Men

3.2.2. The qualities of an Aussie soldier, reflected on Australian people and created a new national pride.

3.3. Date and location

3.3.1. Anzac Cove/Gallipoli

3.3.2. Started April, 25

3.4. Qualities of a soldier (stereotyping Australia)

3.4.1. Spirit Of mateship

3.4.2. The ability to sacrifice and risk our life for another person

3.4.3. Equality, everyone deserves respect

3.4.4. The ability to remain cheerful with a good sense of humour, during tough times

3.4.5. Courage

3.4.6. Resourcefulness

4. Australian War Memorial

5. Monument, in memory of Anzac