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Pre-Launch by Mind Map: Pre-Launch

1. Project Managers

1.1. Web Design

1.1.1. Buddy / Liz / Brett

1.2. Web Development

1.2.1. Brett / Outsourcers

1.3. Community Management

1.3.1. Buddy / Liz Content Creation Email Communication 33 Community Email Templates Emails based on eMail Marketing Machine Manage Member Areas

1.4. Social Media Management

1.4.1. Buddy / Liz Build Fan Page (TNN) Promote Pre-Launch TNN & HNL

1.4.2. Brett Paid Likes Campaign (TNN)

2. Networks

2.1. TNN

2.1.1. TNN Prelaunch Page Just filler content so far

2.1.2. TNN Members Area Login: Login Page username password Buy Video With Points Example Add affiliate link to profile

2.1.3. Positioning Certification Courses - Not Training Certified Networking Professional Opportunity / MLM - Company Independant Buy / Sell / Partner First Movers Incentive? Industry Leaders / Top Producers The inner circle is now open

2.1.4. ConnectMoreNow - App Network Marketers Promote this Functionality >

2.2. HNL

2.2.1. City Licensing Info

2.2.2. Marketing Packages Info

2.2.3. HNL Members Area

2.2.4. Personal Branded Website

3. Tools

3.1. Zoho

3.1.1. Project Management Tool

3.1.2. Support Desk

3.1.3. Software Bug Tracking

3.2. MyCred Points

3.2.1. Current Points Registering as member Logging in Publishing content Commenting Clicking on links Referring visitors Watching videos Selling Memberships Submitting a Form Voting in a Poll Members Can Trade Points

3.3. Activecampaign

3.3.1. Autoresponder Gamification Fetaures

4. Pre Launch Doc's

4.1. Create The Story

4.2. List Building Checklist

4.3. Market Research