Story Map Student Project

Starts off with a Storylords Episode teaching about Story Mapping. Then students will create a "Mindmeister" story map of a book they've read.

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Story Map Student Project by Mind Map: Story Map Student Project

1. Main Characters

1.1. Character 1

1.1.1. You may write about the character here....

1.2. Character 2

1.2.1. Link to Google Doc

1.3. Character 3

1.3.1. Write about the character in a "note"

2. Problem of the Story - explain here just written in the box, as a shared Google Doc or a note in this box.

2.1. Describe Event 1

2.2. Describe Event 2

2.3. Describe Event 3

3. Step 1: Introduction to Story Mapping - Watch Video as a class

3.1. Now your assignment is to choose a recent book that you've read and complete a Mindmeister Story Map about it....this is just an example explaining the elements to include. Be sure to add at least one of each of these: Google Document link, video link, icon from the library, and "note". Experiment with font sizes, colors, styles, and boundaries. Have fun!

4. Setting of the Story

4.1. When?

4.2. Where?

4.3. Link or video

4.4. Video on Setting

5. Resolution to the Story

6. Grading Rubric