Story Map Student Project

Starts off with a Storylords Episode teaching about Story Mapping. Then students will create a "Mindmeister" story map of a book they've read.

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Story Map Student Project by Mind Map: Story Map Student Project

1. Setting of the Story

1.1. When?

1.2. Where?

1.3. Link or video

1.4. Video on Setting

2. Main Characters

2.1. Character 1

2.1.1. You may write about the character here....

2.2. Character 2

2.2.1. Link to Google Doc

2.3. Character 3

2.3.1. Write about the character in a "note"

3. Problem of the Story - explain here just written in the box, as a shared Google Doc or a note in this box.

3.1. Describe Event 1

3.2. Describe Event 2

3.3. Describe Event 3

4. Resolution to the Story

5. Step 1: Introduction to Story Mapping - Watch Video as a class

5.1. Now your assignment is to choose a recent book that you've read and complete a Mindmeister Story Map about it....this is just an example explaining the elements to include. Be sure to add at least one of each of these: Google Document link, video link, icon from the library, and "note". Experiment with font sizes, colors, styles, and boundaries. Have fun!

6. Grading Rubric