Arctic Data Ecosystem

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Arctic Data Ecosystem by Mind Map: Arctic Data Ecosystem

1. Arctic Region

1.1. National

1.1.1. Canada ... many other organizations Academia ArcticNet Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre University of Manitoba Polar Data Catalogue Laval University University of Calgary Aurora Research Institute CCADI Amundsen Science Carleton University Cybera Geosensor Web Lab Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami Inuvialuit Development Corporation Natural Resources Canada POLAR Knowledge Canada Polar View Sensorup University of Calgary University of Manitoba University of Waterloo Government Territorial Federal Indigenous Inuit Knowledge Centre Inuvialuit Regional Corporation Makivik Corporation Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. Nunatsiavut Government NGO Gordon Foundation Arctic Eider Society Churchill Northern Studies Centre Coordinating Bodies Canadian Network of Northern Research Operators Canadian Polar Data Workshop Series CCADI Industry/Operations Polar View C-CORE Ocean Networks Canada

1.1.2. Japan NIPR Arctic Data Archives System (ADS)

1.1.3. Norway Norwegian Institute for Air Research Norwegian Polar Data Centre (NPI) NPI Maps and Services Svalbard Integrated Arctic Observing System Norwegian Satellite Earth Observation Database for Marine Polar Research

1.1.4. Sweden NordGIS Environment Climate Data Sweden Oden Mapping Data

1.1.5. United Kingdom Natural Environment Research Council Arctic Office British Antarctic Survey Arctic Project

1.1.6. United States IOOS Alaska Ocean Observing System NOAA NWS NCEI NASA ABoVE NSIDC DAAC DOI USGS NSF NSF Arctic Data Center ELOKA DataArc a2dc ARMAP Arctic Observing Viewer R2R DBO NSIDC EPA LEO BOEM IARPC Affiliates AGENCIES Coordination Teams

1.2. Disciplinary

1.2.1. Atmospheric International Arctic Systems for Observing the Atmosphere (IASOA) Norwegian Institute for Air Research

1.2.2. Biodiversity Arctic Biodiversity Data Service by CAFF

1.2.3. Cryosphere National Snow and Ice Data Center Global Cryosphere Watch

1.2.4. Oceans Alaska Ocean Observing System ArcticROOS Arctic Ocean Fisheries (beta) Alaska Ocean Observing System Barents Portal Pacific Marine Arctic Regional S ynthesis Data Archive (PacMARS) Domain Description: Ecologically Or Biologically Significant Marine Areas International Bathymetric Chart of the Arctic Ocean (IBCAO) International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) Norwegian Satellite Earth Observation Database for Marine Polar Research Oden Mapping Data SeaDataNet SeaDataCloud

1.2.5. Social Science Gateway for Polar Social Sciences International Arctic Social Sciences Association Arctic Observation Network Social Indicator Project

1.2.6. Terrestrial Frozen Ground Data Center Global Terrestrial Network for Permafrost

1.2.7. Disaster Risk Reduction Canada Public Safety Canada Knowledge Management System Canadian Coast Guard United States Russia

1.3. Local Communities

1.3.1. Alaska Ocean Observing System

1.3.2. Aleut International Association

1.3.3. Center for Resilient Communities "CBONS"

1.3.4. ELOKA Yup'ik Environmental Knowledge Project Atlas of Community Based Monitoring SIZONet CBM Application ...

1.3.5. EyesNorth

1.3.6. Geomatics and Cartograhic Research Centre Siku Atlas Pan-Arctic Trails Atlas Arctic Bay Atlas ...

1.3.7. Inuit Circumpolar Council Alaska Canada Greenland Russia

1.3.8. Inuit Quajisarvingat

1.3.9. SIKU Platform

1.3.10. Snowchange Cooperative

1.4. Circumpolar

1.4.1. Alaska Ocean Observing System

1.4.2. Arctic Council Arctic Council Working Groups CAFF ACAP AMAP EPPR PAME SDWG Permanent Participants Aleut International Association Arctic Athabaskan Council Inuit Circumpolar Council Gwich'in Council International Russian Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North (RAIPON) Saami Council

1.4.3. Arctic Data Explorer

1.4.4. Arctic Observing Summit (series)

1.4.5. Arctic Observing Viewer

1.4.6. Arctic Research Mapping Application

1.4.7. Arctic Science Ministerial Process

1.4.8. Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure

1.4.9. GEO Cold Regions Initiative

1.4.10. International Arctic Science Committee Arctic Data Committee

1.4.11. International Arctic Systems for Observing the Atmosphere (IASOA)

1.4.12. Polar Data Catalogue

1.4.13. Polar View Polar Thematic Exploration Platform

1.4.14. Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks Arctic Data Committee



2. Both Polar Regions

2.1. National

2.1.1. Canada Polar Knowledge Canada Polar Data Catalogue

2.1.2. Unitied Kingdom British Antarctic Survey

2.1.3. Norway Norwegian Polar Institute

2.1.4. Japan National Polar Research Institute

2.1.5. United States National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC)

2.2. Disciplinary

2.3. Regional

2.3.1. Europe EU PolarNet European Polar Board

2.3.2. North America NASA ABoVE

3. Global Scale Initiatives

3.1. Belmont Forum

3.1.1. e-Infrastucture


3.3. Future Earth

3.3.1. Future Earth Coasts Arctic REP

3.4. GEO

3.4.1. GEO Portal

3.4.2. GEOCRI

3.5. Global Biodiversity Information System

3.6. Global Ocean Observing System

3.6.1. International Oceanagraphic Data and Information Exchange

3.7. Global Terrestrial Observation System

3.8. ICSU

3.8.1. World Data System Data Portal

3.9. Research Data Alliance

3.10. United Nations

3.10.1. UNEP

3.10.2. WIPO

3.10.3. UNDRIP

3.11. World Climate Research Program

3.11.1. Data Advisory Council

3.12. World Meteorological Organization

3.12.1. World Weather Watch

3.12.2. WMO Information System Arctic Data Centre

3.12.3. Global Cryosphere Watch

3.12.4. Global Atmosphere Watch