SchnitzelConf Panel 2

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SchnitzelConf Panel 2 by Mind Map: SchnitzelConf Panel 2

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2. Where?

2.1. Where will Schnitzelconf be held? In a nasty 1980s hotel ballroom? NO! In a sea of fusty faux red velour that's been crushed by 5 decades of butts in suits? No! Behind the lion, up the stairs… Yes, we're holding our conference in Vienna's incredible Museum of Natural History! It's the center of everything, and so easy to get to, with scenery that can't be beat. And, by the way, we'll have the museum to ourselves. We'll have snacks and lunch in this very (gorgeous) lobby, and the gorgeous staircases and scenery will be ours to look upon while we munch, chat, query, and connect. It's gonna rule!

3. What?

3.1. You'll meet and learn from the founders of successful bootstrapped businesses—including Software as a Service, downloadable software, and digital goods. Hard-won knowledge will be shared. Fun will be had. Wine will be drunk. Inspiration will be sparked.

4. When?

4.1. SchnitzelConf is a 1-day, full-contact conference in Vienna, Austria on September 7. The focus: creating products, launching businesses, and charging real money.

5. Panel Discussion 2 non-subscription based sales

5.1. Geoffrey Grosenbach Seattle, WA

5.1.1. No intention to capitalize on my passion just happened that way selling products is much better than trying to monetize your podcast

5.1.2. Brand new content attracts attention coming up with unique and interesting stuff graphically interesting

5.1.3. Growing a bigger business doesn't have any value just because it's big it's looking for the level of control and comfort

5.1.4. Half of my rev. is from subs. sales increased when option was given to buy in bulk I want to produce content that people want to read drives further subscriptions

5.1.5. Selling a tutorial if it doesn't work - end user thinks it's their problem

5.1.6. Selling a piece of software people want it to work right out of the box

5.2. Peldi Guilizzoni Bologna, IT

5.2.1. I had my first sale a week before I launched got there through SEO and blog

5.2.2. I have the opposite problem the 4 pillars of organic growth I'm overwhelmed by support subscription optional components

5.2.3. We are now 2 years ahead of my dream 5-6 people doing great work loving what they do. Have you thought about raising prices and having less customers? yes and no

5.2.4. You never know when people are going to stop buying your product desktop version: alot of people want it instead of SaaS Every business will eventually need best in class mobile and web

5.2.5. Have you done the numbers - revenue dedicated to support? No. but a lot of my day goes to support out of the 6 full time, half of that time is sales support compete with customers on usability and support

5.3. Adii Rockstar Capetown, SA

5.3.1. Within the first hour of putting up my first theme used my personal blog as promotion Now, it's a much bigger decision good marketing - contacting other people tweeted reblogged

5.3.2. Even though you can justify growth, do you really want to do it? no amount of financial success can give you "life moments" back

5.3.3. The challenge is always there devising a plan or product that can double revenue overnight

5.3.4. You can't forcast monthly revenue is 70% from one off sales with a subscription you can take a progressive approach one offs need massive diversification the customer indicates their commitment level it's important not to dictate to your users how they should spend their hard earned money leave the choice to users

5.3.5. It's not just fixing bugs support is a drain on resources client work for free

5.4. Questions

5.4.1. How long did it take you to get your first customer?

5.4.2. What are you doing to sustain growth/momentum?

5.4.3. Are you still lured by the "Ooo...if we do this one thing, we'll have a lot more money" thing?

5.4.4. What would you say are the upsides and downsides of selling a one time downloadable product?

5.4.5. Where do you want to grow?