SchnitzelConf Panel 3

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SchnitzelConf Panel 3 by Mind Map: SchnitzelConf Panel 3

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2. Where?

2.1. Where will Schnitzelconf be held? In a nasty 1980s hotel ballroom? NO! In a sea of fusty faux red velour that's been crushed by 5 decades of butts in suits? No! Behind the lion, up the stairs… Yes, we're holding our conference in Vienna's incredible Museum of Natural History! It's the center of everything, and so easy to get to, with scenery that can't be beat. And, by the way, we'll have the museum to ourselves. We'll have snacks and lunch in this very (gorgeous) lobby, and the gorgeous staircases and scenery will be ours to look upon while we munch, chat, query, and connect. It's gonna rule!

3. What?

3.1. You'll meet and learn from the founders of successful bootstrapped businesses—including Software as a Service, downloadable software, and digital goods. Hard-won knowledge will be shared. Fun will be had. Wine will be drunk. Inspiration will be sparked.

4. When?

4.1. SchnitzelConf is a 1-day, full-contact conference in Vienna, Austria on September 7. The focus: creating products, launching businesses, and charging real money.

5. Panel Discussion 3 Growth

5.1. Geoffrey Grosenbach Seattle, WA

5.2. Tobias Lütke Ottawa, ON

5.2.1. We tried every software on the market customers that use the software, really like it

5.2.2. Communicating vision develop a strong distortion of reality you can't really plan for more than 6 months in advance, anything else is guessing.

5.2.3. I did all the customer support for the first few years built out a team of Shopify guru's mitigating support you learn about opportunities for you business by listening to your customers.

5.2.4. Think big startup put up a contest award of $100k massive success ROI achieved before contest was over

5.3. Peldi Guilizzoni Bologna, IT

5.3.1. We're not that big that we have conflicting visions hired people I was in sync with the vision is still the name a little too much still in my head based on customer feedback a give and take between what I want to do, and what people want to do with the ap.

5.3.2. It's stayed the same. building tutorials I'm a bit slower replying than i would like

5.3.3. Team building outcome was far better than I could have imagined. we became a single unit

5.4. Adii Rockstar Capetown, SA

5.4.1. Allow people to make better websites - cheaper listen to the customers Semi-doing what they want Learned to slow down a little keep the team small woo on the slopes

5.4.2. If we have to add someone to the team to achieve goals, then yes - larger is better if that means 100 people working on the team as long as it doesn't compromise my lifestyle, then by all means...

5.4.3. I've become more obsessed with email as long as we can get to a specific user ASAP, things are still fine start email at the top answering an email quickly is a win the guy who sent an email 12 hours ago, won't mind waiting another 2 hrs. Read "Delivering Happiness"

5.4.4. Don't try and be something that you're not embrace the difference

5.5. Tom Preston-Werner San Francisco, CA

5.5.1. The company becomes the compelling idea We sit in campfire alot we talk so much, that the vision becomes shared.

5.5.2. Not yet decided but we shouldn't have to in the beginning we believe that everyone who uses the product will be better off for it It's good to be restrained in hiring we will wait until 4 months after we need someone until we hire them someone that is going to be idle is toxic to a company you shouldn't have to decide immediately

5.5.3. It's absolutely changed early days, Tom and Chris would handle support a tidal wave of unclosed tickets. hired a full time support person to handle Tender employee#2 - 5th team member fast response time is key twitter

5.5.4. Team you spend so much time with these people, if you can foster an environment that's fun and productive, you've won. Don't be afraid to say you're small You're in a position to provide individual attention and support

5.5.5. Take your weaknesses and turn them into selling points we're only 2 people, and that makes us special we're from this obscure place, that makes us special

5.5.6. Don't forget the global market don't forget about the rest of the world outside your homeland/continent

5.6. Questions

5.6.1. As size grows, how have you kept your vision alive?

5.6.2. How large do you want to grow?

5.6.3. What's changed in regards to your customer interaction since your product has become popular?