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SCIENCE Unit-2 by Mind Map: SCIENCE Unit-2

1. Disgestive system

1.1. -Is the group of organs in the body that extract nutrients from food and expel undigested waste.

1.1.1. Salivary galnds

1.1.2. oesafagus

1.1.3. liver

1.1.4. stomach

1.1.5. pancreas

1.1.6. large intestine

1.1.7. small intestine

1.1.8. anus

1.1.9. rectom

2. Circulatory system

2.1. blood

2.1.1. plasma-is a yellow liquid with is 90% is water.

2.1.2. red blood cells-give blood his colour.

2.1.3. White blood cells-fight infection

2.1.4. platelets-stop bleeding because joiin together

2.1.5. blood vesels- arteries carry blood from the heart to the rest of the body. veins carry blood back to the heart capillaries are tiny blood vesssels which the arteries and the veins

2.2. the heart

2.2.1. is a hollow muscle that pumps blood from the body

2.3. pulmonary circulation

2.3.1. bloods flows from the heart to the lungs at the back of the heart again.

2.4. systemic circulation

2.4.1. the bloods flows to the heart to the rest of the body.

3. Respiratory system

3.1. our cells need oxigen to combine nutrients and product energy.During this process, the cells produce carbon dioxide (CO2) that has to be expelled from the body. To obtain oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide we use our respiratory system.

3.1.1. respiration When we take a breath, air enters throught the nose and mouth. It passes down the pharynx and then to the trachea

3.1.2. inhalation when be take a breath ,our diaphragm, the big muscle under the lungs contracts and flatens to allow the lungs to inflate. The ribs expand and move up to make more room.

3.1.3. exhalation when be breath out, the ribs relax and move back in. The diaphragm relaxes and move up, pushing the carbon dioxide out of the lungs and back up thetrachea, out of te nose and mouth.

4. Excretory system

4.1. The excretory system eliminates waste products from our body. Our body excretes carbon dioxide, urine and water. The excretory system consists of the urinary system and the sweat glands.

4.1.1. urinary system

4.1.2. sweeting