SCIENCE-UNIT 2-Lucía Del Toro López

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SCIENCE-UNIT 2-Lucía Del Toro López by Mind Map: SCIENCE-UNIT 2-Lucía Del Toro  López


1.1. Our cells need oxigen (O2) to combine with nutrients and make energy for our body.

1.1.1. THEIR PARTS AND THE PROCES . The air enters in the MOUTH and the NOSE and it passes to the pharynx on the TRACHEA. The trachea divides ino tow tubes called BRONCHI. This BRONCHI divide into small tubes called BRONCHOLIS. THE PROCES OF THE AIR At the end of the tubes they are smaller air sacks called ALVEOLI.


2.1. The digestive system is a grup of organs that extrac nutrients from the food and the exple undigsted waste.

2.1.1. THE PROCES The food ents our mouht and the teeht helps to the saliva to mixtures the food. The tonge passes the food to the oeophagus .The oesophagus is a large strate tube that passes te foo In the stomach the food breaks down . This is using by a storng muscular wall and excreting grastic juices wich mixt the bolus and kill dangerous bacteria. Then the food passes to the SMALL INTESTINE here was mixture wiht bile wich is produces by the LIVER and the gastrice jucies of the PANCREAS , the food mixures and brouks dnow with the poteins ,carbohydrates,minarels and fats. The food passes to the large intestine here, the water from this waste by the blood.The solid waste passes to the anus and the anus expulse.


3.1. The blood delives oround all the body

3.1.1. THEIR PARTS PLASMA- Is a yellow liquid that is 90 porcent of liquid . RED BLOOD CELL -Give the colour to the veins THE PALETES -Joint together and stop bleeding . THE WIHT BLOOD CELLS-White blood cells fight infection. VEINS -Carri blood back to the heart ARTERIES - Carry blood to the heart to all the body. CAPILLARIES-There are tini blood cells that conect veins and arteries. THE HEART AND THEIR PARTS -Arota-vena caba superior-right artium-right verticle-inferior vena caba-pulmonary artery-left artium-pulmonary vein-left ventricle.


4.1. The excretoty system expulse waste products from the body

4.1.1. THE PROCES The RENAL ARTERIES carry blood from the body . The KIDNEY eliminate aste products from the blood and the combination of this wiht water forms URINE. The URINE passes to tow tubes called URETERS THE SWETING Then the URINE passes to the BLADDER. Finaly the BLADDER s expulse by URETHRA