Martin Wesian

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Martin Wesian by Mind Map: Martin Wesian

1. Water is Life

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3. How?

3.1. Boil

3.1.1. downside? high energy input CO2 output

3.2. Chlorine tablets

3.2.1. downside? dependence on supplier Can not guarantee 100% safe water

4. Clean Water is a Human Right

4.1. since 28 July 2010

4.2. drinking water is a rare commodity

4.2.1. 0.3% of the world's water supply is fresh water

4.2.2. Water demand has increased 6 fold

5. Water Consumption

5.1. rising in markets outside the US and EU

5.2. 1 billion people have no access to safe drinking water

5.3. 1.5 have limited access

5.4. 80% of diseases are contributed to lack of clean, pure drinking water

5.4.1. 50% of hospital beds are occupied by water related illness human tradegy financial burden

5.5. Every 15 seconds a child dies due to lack of clean water

5.6. By 2015 clean water should be available to hald the people around the world suffering from a shortage of drinking water

6. How do we get water to the people?

6.1. We don't

6.2. It needs to be their responsibility to do it

7. What can be done to clean the water?

7.1. Solar water disinfection

7.2. distilled by the sun

7.3. only 3 million using this method

7.4. The problem is with training

7.5. Monitoring – weather changes


8.1. water problems can not be solved with our western approach

8.2. People need to learn how to do it themselves for it to be effective

8.3. UV sensor measures the rays that will disinfect

8.4. Smily face. When your water bottle smiles at you – the water is clean

8.5. Establish a program similar to "One Laptop per child"

8.6. Ideally WADI should be part of a first aid kit

8.6.1. no more waiting lines at distribution trucks after a natural disaster

8.7. Water is becoming the new oil