Quadratic Root Factoring

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Quadratic Root Factoring by Mind Map: Quadratic Root Factoring

1. Quadratic Equation

1.1. Always works

1.1.1. Benefit over other methods

1.2. Tedious calcuations

1.2.1. Drawback from other methods

1.3. Derived from the standard form of a quadratic

2. Always 2 answers

2.1. 2 distinct, real answers

2.2. 1 repeated, real answer

2.3. 2 distinct, complex (imaginary) answers

2.3.1. Always conjugates (+ or - between the real and imaginary parts)

3. Factor by Grouping

3.1. Reverse distribution

3.1.1. Find a common group (x + h) and find two groups that share this group

4. Factor by Reverse FOIL

4.1. Typical and quickest method

4.1.1. Diamond Method

4.1.2. Box Method

4.1.3. (x + h)(x + k) Method

5. Factor by Completing the Square

5.1. Another useful tool

5.1.1. Find a perfect square Divide the b term by 2 and square it Add this term to both sides of the equation Solve for x