Maurice Roche. Chapter 2

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Maurice Roche. Chapter 2 by Mind Map: Maurice Roche. Chapter 2

1. Imperialism

1.1. political expansion

1.1.1. trade

1.1.2. colonies

1.2. cultural expansion

1.2.1. tourism spectators costumers

1.2.2. trade of goods of traditions

1.3. economic expansion

1.3.1. trade

1.3.2. shared industries

1.3.3. technology

1.3.4. benchmark

1.4. international culture

1.4.1. exploitation of the non-white-male-european/american-s native villages women Imperial Fairs then becomes part of national identity

1.4.2. white european/american male culture

2. Comsumerism

3. Nationalism

3.1. cultural identity

3.1.1. as seen by others TOURISM MEDIA

3.1.2. public culture invention of tradition (Hobsbawm) schooling glorification popular consent Beteiligungskultur the people exhibitors exhibited working class middle class elite/aristocracy

3.1.3. High Culture presentation of self artificial cities to represent the "real thing" distortion of perspective perception of self gain importance emphasis on power distortion of perception architecture, fine arts, etc.

3.2. politics

3.2.1. provide frame for World's Fairs

3.2.2. use World's Fairs for legitimation of power

4. Capitalism

4.1. industry

4.1.1. inventions

4.1.2. traditions

4.1.3. representation of country

4.1.4. economy

4.1.5. exhibitors

4.2. public relations

4.2.1. representation of institution

4.2.2. gain costumers

4.2.3. inform costumers

4.2.4. create need for "things"

4.2.5. establish loyalty among workers

4.2.6. consumer loyalty

4.3. products

4.3.1. export

4.3.2. import

5. World's Fairs

6. Entertainment