Rev 2:04-6 First Love Forsaken

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Rev 2:04-6 First Love Forsaken by Mind Map: Rev 2:04-6 First Love Forsaken

1. One flaw forsaken First Love

1.1. Or left

1.2. Greek

1.2.1. Willful abandon

1.2.2. Deliberate giving up

1.2.3. Results of the long neglect

1.2.4. Giving service but not themselves

1.2.5. No intimacy

1.2.6. No fellowship

1.3. Love

1.3.1. Agape Charity like

1.3.2. Ephesians once had it

1.3.3. Now satisfied by Right doctrine Duty

1.3.4. No longer showed Christlike compassion

1.3.5. Busy but barren

1.4. Needed to love Jesus like when he first got a hold of their hearts

2. Three Powerfull Words

2.1. Remember

2.1.1. or consider

2.1.2. To see the extent they have fallen

2.2. Repent

2.2.1. Means Change your mind Direction Basic attitudes

2.3. Do

3. vs 5 Do first Works

3.1. Everything is different when your heart is in it

3.2. Can't fake love

3.3. Can't be loving out of duty

3.3.1. People unlovely? Not doing it for them Working for God They don't deserve it God deserves everything

4. 5b Remove lampstand

4.1. Meaning Jesus no longer walking in their mist

4.2. did everything right

4.2.1. But Jesus wants the heart

4.2.2. duty lacked compassion

4.2.3. love became inauthentic As seen by the lost

5. One good thing

5.1. One Good Thing

5.2. Hate Practices Nicolaitans

5.2.1. Modernists

5.2.2. Religious liberals

5.2.3. Backslid

5.2.4. Mixed pagan and Christian religions

5.2.5. Some say followers of Nicolas in Acts 6:5 From Antioch Another sinful city Was pagan converted to Judaism A very flimsy connection however

5.2.6. Were part of the Gnostics Gnostic Gospels Not canonized False Inconsistent with the rest of Scripture Authors did not know Jesus