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Database Management by Mind Map: Database   Management
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Database Management

Databases,Data,and Information




The Hierarchy of Data

A character is one byte

A field is a combination of one or more related characters

A record is a group of related fields

A data file is a collection of related records

Maintaining Data

File maintenance


File Processing Versus Databases

File processing system

Database approach

Database Management Systems

A data dictionary

A query language

Query by example(QBE)

A form

A report generator

Relational,Object-Oriented,and Multidimensional Databases

A data model

A relational database

A relationship

Structured Query Language(SQL)

An object.oriented database (OODB)

A multidimensional database

A data warehouse

Web Databases

Databases on the Web allow you to

Video:How a Photo Sharing site Keeps Its Data

Database Administration

It is important to have a carefully designed database

Employees should learn how to use the data in the database effectively