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To Immununize or Not? by Mind Map: To Immununize or Not?
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To Immununize or Not?


We have all but eradicated deadly smallpox

We have all but eradicated mumps

We have all but eradicated Rubella & Measles


It has been suggested that vaccination against measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) is a cause of autism

Several published studies have recently shown a higher incidence of aseptic meningitis associated with Urabe AM-9 vaccine strain than that estimated previously.

Hepatitis B vaccination has been taken off the market in France after large reports of adverse reactions were reported.

Thimiserol found in MMR may cause autism.

My choice

Most of us think that we have eliminated Measles from the United States. This is a mostly true statement. Parents sometimes lean, therefore, in the direction of refusing to immunize their children on personal, medical, or religious beliefs. It is probably true that most un-immunized children will never contract Measles from immunized children in the USA. However, a child may travel to the United States from another country, such as Romania (see below for story and link) harboring measles. In this case, immunized children will not contract the disease, but non-immunized children are at risk. This pathology dynamic is seen in one particular study wherein a European child infected hundreds of un-immunized children in Indiana. It is safe to say that non-immunized children may never contract measels, but only because they are usually surrounded by immunized measle-free children. Once a measle-carrying child enters the picture, the only thing standing between unimmunized children and raging cases of measles is their own immune systems.

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