My Educational Technology Journey

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My Educational Technology Journey by Mind Map: My Educational Technology Journey

1. Week 1

1.1. VIDEO:

1.2. We got to know our classmates through Google Slides

2. Week 2

2.1. We got to learn about what a PLN was

2.2. We also set up our twitter @alliebullock112 and our blogs

3. Week 3

3.1. We focused mostly on Sharing and The Moral Imperative

3.2. We learned about the impotance of sharing tools online

4. Week 4

4.1. This week we learned about Open Thinking Open Learning by Dr. Alec Couos

4.2. We also got to watch a few more videos on why it is important to share teaching strategies and activities online

4.3. We were given great content and articles to read as well on the importance of sharing

5. Week 5

5.1. TPACK was our main focus this week with a video from Dr. Gary Holliday

5.1.1. TPACK stands for Technology, Content and Pedagogy.

5.2. This was a really helpful and quick video to sum up what TPAK is.

5.2.1. This is my blog about TPACK and what I learned from it.

6. Week 6

6.1. Fostering Digital Citizenship and Student Legacy was the topic presented to us by Garth Holman

6.2. We learned about cyber bullying, citizenship online, and appropriate behavior. Basically this was addressing being professional and knowing that anyone can see what you put online especially being a teacher.

6.3. We were also given information regarding our Final Project this week.

7. Week 12

7.1. Using Google as a teacher was this week's topic.

7.2. Technology as a tool for solving educational problems.

7.3. Here are the 10 best tool for teacher's and students to use

8. WEEK 13

8.1. This week we turned in our Eportfolio and turned in our final project

9. WEEK 14

9.1. Here we are at week 14 working on and reflecting on everything we have worked on the semester in this classroom.

10. Week 7

10.1. Being fair and understanding copy writing was this weeks PLN.

10.2. This was a really interesting video containing information about publishing things online and making sure they do not get copyrighted. In the US there is a law called the Copyright Law.

11. Week 8

11.1. This week was about EBooks. Jon Smith gave great details about how important and useful they are in any classroom setting.

11.1.1. EBook for Ipad

11.1.2. book creator for an Android

11.1.3. It was even proven that this was easy enough for a fifth grade class to create an ebook.

12. Week 9

12.1. Dr. Jermey Brueck taught us about Digital Learning Spaces this week

12.2. Flexible Learning Environment and Spaces are a great new and inviting look for classrooms.

12.2.1. Here a link to my blog again about the FLE. I really enjoyed learning about how classroom structures really improve the way students learn. It gets them talking to more people and getting them involved helps their mood as well.

12.3. Here are some great images of what a flexible learning environment looks like

13. Week 10

13.1. This our video was presented by Scott Kinkoph. This was called the Digital Tools to Support Formative Assessment

13.2. The key differences between formative and Summative Assessment is that formative is asking questions, quizzes and things through out course content. Summative is a test or project at the end of a section.

13.3. Some great formative assessment websites include





14. Week 11

14.1. Blended Learning Environment by Stacy Hawthorne was our topic video this week

14.2. Blended learning is a great way for education. Combining online learning with face to face is what we actually did through this class. It is a good way to personalize every student's needs

15. Final Project

15.1. This was my favorite meal I made for my final project

16. Cool Tool Reviews

16.1. Week four was the start of our cool tools. We were given a list of ones to go through and we continued this through week 9.

16.2. Here is my link to my blog on my Cool Tools