Learning Design & Technology

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Learning Design & Technology by Mind Map: Learning Design & Technology

1. Instructional Design

1.1. Components

1.1.1. Process: ADDIE Analysis Context Analysis Task Analysis Learner Analysis Performance Problem Goal Ways to delivery Design Performance objectives Consideration of course format Gagne 9 events of instructions Merill's 5 first principles of instruction Good practices e.g. Design for Computer supported collaborative learning Additional resources Development learning resources Technology Delivery Pebble-in-the-Pond model Gantt chart managing project Course format Implementation Delivery of instruction Experiment Evaluation 4 levels by Kirkpatrick Methods Bridge Evaluation Model Formative evaluation Summative evaluation

1.1.2. People Instructional Designer Instructional materials Instructional theory Instructional design process Physical tool: LMS, Multimedia development tool, etc Subject Matter expert

1.1.3. Organization School Government Military Corporation